US Based Renewable Energy Product Supplier Cut Its Stress Analysis Cost to 50% with Outsourcing

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Meet the Client – US-Based Renewable Energy Product Supplier

The client is an American Renewable Energy Products' Supplier that mainly deals in the research, development, and maintenance of wind and solar energy tools.

Objective Behind the Stress Analysis

The client’s objective was to perform stress analysis for hub crane lifting tool limiting to 83.3 N/mm2.




Software / Application

Solidworks 2012, ANSYS

Client’s Challenges in Stress Analysis for Hub Crane Lifting Tool

This client needed high-quality engineering support services in the field of 3D modeling, finite element analysis, detailing, and drafting. The specific need of the client was very technical - it needed us to provide fabrication drawings, perform stress analysis exclusively for a prototype hub crane-lifting tool, something that is extensively used in the renewable energy industry. They also needed the partner to calculate the equipment's working load limit rating to know exactly how much load could be exerted on it.

BackOffice Pro’s Custom Solution on Stress Analysis

After adequately analyzing the client requirements, we worked towards the solution successfully. We started with using SolidWorks 2012 to develop 3D models and manufacturing drawings, which included 3D models of the hub-crane and 2D fabrication diagrams of the same. Bagging the client's approval, we proceeded with the stress analysis in ANSYS. The stress analysis revealed deviations from the desired benchmark. We redesigned the tool model while adding proper reinforcement plates to the area around the welded joints before repeating the stress analysis. Finally, we achieved success by not crossing the stress requirement level of 83.3 N/mm2 stress on the lifting tool.

Stress Analysis Takeaways

Owing to our technical expertise and competitive rates, the client ended up saving its operational costs by 50%.

CFD Modeling CTA

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