BOP Helped Interior Design Company with 3D Modeling and SketchUp Drawings from the Creative Floor Plan Sketches

About the Client and the Project Requirement

Our client is an interior design company based in Texas specializing in the renovation and beautification of modern constructions. The client needed a partner to develop the 3D modeling of the construction floor plans. All the drawings were required to include all of the client’s design notes as well as the SketchUp images of the final concept in order to aid visualization of the final product.

The client discovered our website and made use of the contact form to begin a dialogue with our sales team. Once we had secured the engineering talent required to take on the project, forming a reliable timeline for delivery and agreeing upon the final deliverables, the client chose to sign with us.

Challenges in the Project

This project relied heavily on the ability to interpret the creative sketches and descriptions used by the client. Once the initial process of familiarizing the team with the client’s style was complete, we rose to the challenge of creating visualizations that reflected the client’s vision.

The Process BOP Followed

In tackling a project of this complexity, our success hinged on our adherence to finely tuned process. We started with assigning two dedicated team members for working on the project full-time and delivering the project deliverables.

Our team was supplied with the floor plans and room dimensions of the new construction, along with comprehensive stylistic and creative notes from the client. Using these details, our skilled team of design experts began by developing a series of PDF-format skeleton sketches. These rough layouts gave the client a clear image of our team’s interpretation of the client’s sketches and instructions. Using these preliminary images as a framework, our team worked with the client to fine tune the requirements based on the notes and adjustments required by the client.

Further design concepts and technical considerations were taken into account, and SketchUp drawings were produced. Following the approval of the penultimate sketchwork, the final 3D renderings were completed with the technical details included.

Exceptional Steps Taken to Meet the Client’s Requirements

Creating the necessary design libraries to handle a request of this scale would traditionally be a time-consuming, high-effort process. In an effort to maintain a productive edge and to reduce the amount of time required to complete this step, our team altered the usual approach, instead of basing the structure of the design libraries on the client’s suggestions.



Our team was able to process the client’s requirements from the raw sketches and creative descriptions provided. Upon receipt of approval, the initial sketches were refined into the final deliverables.

The client was satisfied with the deliverables and the process of working with our team. As a result, an ongoing project contract was initiated.

Our team gained valuable insights and experience in processing and interpreting the creative notes and sketches from the client. The final products were of sufficient quality to cause the client to seek an ongoing relationship.