Interior Design Company Received High-quality SketchUp Drawings out of Their Concept Design and Saved Time with Outsourcing

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At BackOffice Pro (BOP), we have a highly experienced team of engineers to provide precise 3D modeling - SketchUp to various interior designing companies, architectural firms, civil engineering companies, real estate companies, and contractors. We have expertise in SketchUp, AutoCAD, Revit, and all other latest software to deliver the best output.


Meet the Client - Leading Interior Designing Company in Texas

Our client is an interior design company based in Texas specializing in the renovation and beautification of modern constructions.

Objective of the 3D Modeling and SketchUp Drawing

As an interior design company, the client was looking for 3D modeling and SketchUp for floor plans so that it becomes easier for them to plan the interior design for the building.




Software / Application


Turnaround Time

15 days

Client’s Challenges with Creating the 3D Modeling and SketchUp Drawing

The client needed a partner to develop the 3D modeling of the construction floor plans. All the drawings were required to include the client’s design notes and the SketchUp images of the final concept to aid visualization of the final product. The client discovered us and hired us for their project requirements.

BOP’s Custom Support on the 3D Modeling and SketchUp Drawing

Our success hinged on our adherence to the finely tuned process. We assigned two dedicated team members for working on the project full-time and delivering the project deliverables. Our team was supplied with the floor plans and room dimensions of the new construction and comprehensive stylistic and creative notes from the client.

Using these details, our skilled team of design experts began developing a series of PDF-format skeleton sketches. The team worked with the client to fine-tune the requirements based on the notes and adjustments required by the client. Further design concepts and technical considerations were taken into account, and SketchUp drawings were produced. Following the approval of the client, the final 3D renderings were completed and shared with the client.

3D Modeling and SketchUp Drawing Project Results

Our team was able to process the client’s requirements from the raw sketches and creative descriptions provided. Upon receipt of approval, the initial sketches were refined into the final deliverables. The client was satisfied with the deliverables and the process of working with our team. As a result, an ongoing project contract was initiated.

Sketchup CTA

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