OSP Design and Engineering Company from CA gets the best skillsets for Right-of-Way (ROW) Drawings

ROW Drawings

Client Profile- California Based OSP Design and Engineering Company

Be it OSP design or right-of-way (ROW) development; the client is a renowned engineering service provider focusing on designing roadways and highways. They provide comprehensive project management for complex construction projects, fiber to the premise (FTTP) design/build projects, ROW projects, and in obtaining approvals, encroachment permits, and building permits.

Believing in customer satisfaction, the client aims at making OSP design and real estate development achievable, accessible, and transparent.

Client Requirement: Right-of-Way (ROW) Drawings

The client was looking partner with a company that can assist them in designing the ROW drawing. They contacted BOP, and being highly satisfied with our skillsets and expertise; they partnered with us for the project. BOP delivered the best Right-of-Way (ROW) Drawings to the client.

Challenges in the Initial Phase of the Project

Initially, there were a few challenges involved in the project; however, with strategic approach, we overcame the hurdles. In the first place, deadline was a challenge, and to cope up with it, 4 experts were assigned to deliver within the stringent deadline. Knowing the local laws and the geographical factors also added up to the challenges, however with rounds of discussions with the client and our expertise, we overcame all the barriers and walked a smooth way.

Civil Engineer

Customized Solution from Back office Pro for ROW Drawings

The experienced engineers at BOP designed a tailored solution to attain the project goals:

  • The client gave us the AutoCAD 2D and 3D files of a stretch of land, the proposed areas of the road along with the survey information like the gradient, the contours, camber information, elevation.
  • We took the survey information and prepared the basic road structure with the laws and regulations of the state.
  • Once the designing was done, we proceeded with the ROW drawings first in AutoCAD 2D, then in Autodesk Civil 3D depending on the following key factors:
    • The area
    • Type of vehicular movement
    • The average speed of the vehicles pass through that area
    • Feasibility of the traffic movement
  • We shared the drafts and worked on the revisions
  • Once the client was happy with the revision, we shared the final AutoCAD 2D and 3D files to the client.


Key Benefits for the Client

The skillsets that are required for the project are rare to find. The BOP is well portioned with the skill sets required. The client gained in terms of skilled resources, cost, and deadline. They were highly satisfied with the deliverables and signed a long-term contract with us.