Leading Machine Manufacturer in the USA Relied on Outsourcing to Get 3D Models of Vacuum Motors

Meet the Client: A Leading Machines and Tools Manufacturing Company in the World

Operating in the market for 60 years, the client is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of CNC tools, machine calibration, and manual machine tools. They have gained popularity with their knowledge and experience of delivering high-level precision in machine manufacturing. Assisting customers from various industries, including energy, medical, aerospace, automotive, defense, oil, and gas, the client provides the right kind of machinery for the industrial automation process.


Objective of the Reverse Engineering Requirements

The objective of the reverse engineering requirement was to create 3D models of vacuum motors, which could be used to feed the CNC machine to mass-produce the external case of the machine.

Client’s Challenges in Reverse Engineering Process

The client had a huge requirement of mass-producing the external casing of their machines. To do this, they wanted to create five 3D parametric models every month for vacuum motor casing from the scanned images of the actual case of the vacuum motor. Stuck with the process, they started to look for an outsourcing partner that can provide them reverse engineering solutions for several machine parts.





5 Parametric models per month

Software / Application

Geomagic Design X

Custom Solution from BOP on Reverse Engineering

To start with the reverse engineering, we dedicated two experienced 3D modelers who were highly experienced in parametric modeling and proficient in using Geomagic Design X software. We devised a streamlined approach to execute the project as below:

  • Analyzed the scanned point cloud data of every machine part.
  • Communicated with the client to know the mechanism of the machine. It was essential to conceptualize and create the right model for the particular parts. Once done, we shared with the client for inputs.
  • Received approval from the client and started creating the surface model and evaluated for accuracy comparing with the scanned point cloud data.
  • Created the 3D model with details like spikes, cuts, grooves using Solidworks and sent the final 2D PDF files through Dropbox.

The stringent requirements of the accuracy of the 1NM hole and tight deadline seemed to be a challenge in the initial phase. However, with a highly experienced engineer team, we successfully combated the challenge to deliver accurate output.

Result of the Reverse Engineering Project

The client was delighted with the output as they could save 60% on the operation and labor cost.

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Outsource Reverse Engineering to Get Detailed Information on Existing Product Designs

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