US Based Retail IT Infrastructure Provider Partnered With Back Office Pro to Cut its Drafting Costs

The Client

The client, based in the United Kingdom, provides property services for retailers, banks, and commercial organizations.

The Project

To keep their competitive edge, it was imperative that the client reduce operational costs. The client was seeking a long-term outsourcing partner to help them in this endeavor. It was crucial that the partner had a thorough knowledge of UK building codes and regulations.

  • The client demanded an expertise in international drafting solutions
  • We had to be prepared for a sudden surge in work flow without any dilution in our quality of work

The Challenges

The challenges that we faced in due course of this project were:

  • The client was well aware of our experience and past excellence. We had to meet their consequent high expectations.
  • We had to appoint a team that could deliver quality blueprints for retail stores and supermarkets in keeping with UK building codes
  • We had to execute our task independently with nominal direction by the client.

The Back Office Pro Solution

To meet our client’s high expectations and our own, we took instituted immediate action:

  • Appointed a couple of highly expert drafts who had worked in similar projects
  • 10 Full Time Equivalents (FTE) to support them
  • The key members visited the UK to be better aware of regional specifications.
  • The key members were also offered employment contract so that the client had access to their expertise whenever required
  • The retail layouts were then developed from hand-drawn sketches and specs. For this we used AutoCAD, 3DS Max and Photoshop.


The Result

  • Our final draft helped the client save close to £30,000 per month. Cost saving was a key requirement and we more than achieved it.
  • Extremely quick turnaround time
  • Unswerving commitment to quality drawings
  • Flexibility to accommodate unexpected work flow
  • Delivery within a day