US Based Retail IT Infrastructure Provider Outsourced Retail Design and Drafting to Cut the Drafting Costs for 275 Projects

Retail Space Planning Assistance at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro (BOP) visualize the store layout and offer retail space planning and retail design and drafting support to global retail organizations and other companies to meet their business needs. Being a renowned engineering company in India, we are the trusted partner of the engineering community owing to our high-quality and precision in our output.


Meet the Client – US Based IT Planning Management Consultant

The client mainly deals with retail outlets by providing them with IT planning, installation, management solutions in the USA. Their primary requirement, in this case, was for a partner with expertise in design and drafting solutions to different kinds of retailers, some small, some huge, and customize the services according to each retailer’s individual needs.

Objective of the Client Behind the Retail Design and Drafting Need

The aim was to get assistance in understanding space details and dimensions of their clients with retail design and drafting service to offer them better IT and business plans.





275 projects

Client’s Challenges Before Hiring BOP for Retail Design and Drafting Support

The main concern of the client was in meeting the diverse range of unique requirements of the different retailers, seeing how each of them had their style of branding, communication, business plan, and other nitty-gritty’s. To meet this requirement, it was imperative to set up one team each for every retailer to be able to grasp the unique requirement in each case properly. And the deadlines were also variable – ranging from 12 hours to a few days. Other challenges included –

  • Interior design
  • Signage design
  • Space planning design
  • Elevations from plans and pictures
  • Drawings of store refurbishing
  • Updating current designs according to the new guidelines
  • Properly designing and detailing of store features

BackOffice Pro Custom Support on Retail Design and Drafting

We set the ball rolling by sending a project manager to get on-field training at the retailer’s outlet, who then passed it on to a team of engineers. They thoroughly studied the design guidelines and utilized the training of the project manager to come up with top quality drawings for the client. Initially starting with just a couple of engineers, the size soon increased to eight. There was a system where they could regularly update the client about progress made in every step, get feedback, and let their work be documented online, which the client had access to.

We had two teams of engineers working round the clock. The teams coordinated work keeping in mind the client’s time zones. By being part of these teams, the engineers improvised on the job and learned more creative ways of getting the work done. All issues were also resolved because the feedback from the client would arrive soon owing to the round-the-clock schedule.

Retail Design and Drafting Results

We achieved the following results, which led the client to approach us with more complex work.

  • Handled over 275 projects with the client
  • It was a two-way learning process, where our engineers improved as well
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