Engineering Consulting Firm in Trinidad gets 100 Sheets of Piping and Instrumentation Design Service

 Piping and Instrumentation summery

Client Profile- Engineering Consulting Firm in Trinidad

Based out in Trinidad, the client is an engineering consulting firm established in 2011. Focused on mechanical design and execution management, they have added to their strengths, offering a complete engineering suit, including design and project management services. They are experts in assisting in building maintenance programs along with developing engineering and maintenance standards. With 20 years of experience in project management services, contact administration, constructability reviews, cost estimation, budget management, QA, and QC.

Client Requirement: Piping and Instrumentation Design

The client wanted new piping and instrumentation design and drafting of the older drawings based on the new requirements. They were looking for experts who could help them with their complex needs. Coming across BOP, they were swayed with our expertise and pool of talents and partnered with us for the project.

Initial Challenges Involved in the Project

Understanding the initial requirements in terms of piping and instrumentation design was a challenge. Frequent engagements and reviews form the client gave us a clear understanding of the requirements, which lead to successful completion.

Customized Solution of Back office Pro for Piping and Instrumentation Design

Once we received the PDF and AutoCAD files from the client, we shared our reviews and discussed them in detail with the client over calls. We prepared a proposal and done the first draft, i.e., 25% of the whole project. Based on the review and comments given by the client, we made the required adjustments and worked on the rest of the project ending up sharing the AutoCAD files of 100 sheets with the client.


Remarkable Benefits for the Clients

Alliance with BOP brought the client the advantage of saving 40% on cost. Additionally, they were highly satisfied with our deliverables and offered us the next project of designing two tanks. Based on our expert level and experience, they have signed up with us for the long term.