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Millwork Design Support from BackOffice Pro (BOP)

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a renowned engineering company providing millwork CAD drawings, millwork shop drawings, millwork plans for visual merchandising, elevation, retail floor plans, and more. We work with AutoCAD, ICE, REVIT, LEED to deliver a precise output for every requirement.


Client’s Profile – Ontario Based Premier Custom Millwork Provider

Based out in Ontario, the client is a Premier Custom Millwork provider with unique skills and capabilities surpassing the expectations of their customers. With their passion, dedication, and expertise, they have created a niche business wherein they are the trusted partners for their clients when it comes to delivering quality fixtures to the retail environment. They have both designing and manufacturing and assembly, providing in-house engineering capabilities, project management. Spreading over 100,000 square feet, the client offers wood, glass, metal, acrylic, electrical, and solid surface, and finishing expertise.

Client’s Requirement: Visual Merchandising – Millwork and Metal Fixtures

The client is a Millwork provider to the retail environment. They take inputs from the clients and create design concepts and get those approved by them. They wanted to partner with a company who could assist them in designing and drafting of display fixtures. Holding hands with BOP, they received top-notch assembly-level drawings and part level drawing with a complete production package and DXA files for CNC production.



Ontario, USA


Autodesk Inventor 2019

Project Cost

60K-70K annually

Challenges faced by the BOP team During the Workflow

In the first place, understanding the construction methods of Millwork for display fixtures, wood fixtures, glass and acrylic and metal fixtures, knowhow of the methodologies and materials, and their utilization was highly challenging. Additionally, only experienced people can be assigned these tasks to complete within the tight deadline. We assigned all experienced people and worked on the weekends to meet the challenge. It was a learning curve of the standards and production, which was delivered within 45 days.

Streamlined Process of the BOP to Accomplish the Visual Merchandising – Millwork and Metal Fixtures Project

BackOffice Pro devised a streamlined process to meet the end goal as follows:

  • We took up a trial at a discounted rate.
  • When the trial was approved, we received the concept model, images, sketches of the area and display fixtures
  • With a team size of 2-3 experts working over 400-500 hours in a month, we worked on detail engineering and met the design intent
  • On Autodesk Inventor 2019, we created the component-level design, complete assembly makeover, and made suggestions.
  • Finally, when the client approved the design, we delivered assembly-level drawings and part level drawing with the complete production package, in pdf and CAD file format. We also produced the DXA files for CNC and cut list along with the bill up materials.

Key benefits for the Client

The client did not want to hire an in-house team owing to huge cost on resource. Outsourcing us has helped them save 60% along with our expert approach and delivery of the project besides the benefits of offshoring.

Millwork Drawings CTA

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BOP’s engineers have vast experience and all the required skills to support your millwork design requirements for various architectural plans, retail floor planning, visual merchandising designs, and more. Outsource millwork drawing and drafting services to BOP for accurate design solutions. Contact us to know more about our services.

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