Mechanical Engineering Company in the USA Accelerated its Parking System Designs Process by Outsourcing 3D Modeling

3D Modeling Assistance at BackOffice Pro

At BackOffice Pro (BOP), we offer 3D modeling assistance to support every aspect of construction and engineering needs. With a decade of experience in providing 3D modeling services filling out the skill gaps and project influx, BOP helped global clients from different countries across various industries. The present case study describes how BOP provides 3D modeling to a construction company specializing in parking system designs lowering their burden.


Meet the Client: Mechanical Engineering Company in Oakland, USA

Based in Oakland and founded in 2015, the client is a mechanical engineering company specializing in manufacturing, installing, and servicing automated parking systems to eliminate the footprints required in the parking areas. They offer custom designs to reduce the cost per space as compared to conventional parking. Over 15 years, the client has a comprehensive portfolio of installing 70,000 parking spaces in 13 countries worldwide. They rightly claim to be the first company bringing a wide range of quality products available at a great value.

Objectives Behind Outsourcing the 3D Modeling Requirements

The client wanted to stay abreast when it came to catering to their clients. Therefore, to enable a faster delivery with high-quality work, they outsourced five projects to BOP while acquiring more business for them.



Oakland, USA

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5 projects – 100+ drawings for one project

Challenges of the Client in Creating 3D Modeling of the Parking System

Creating 3D modeling for the parking system is a complex task as it involves sound knowledge coupled with extensive experience in mechanical and structural engineering and ample time. The client lacked the concrete combination of the three prerequisites and wanted to hire an expert to create the 3D modeling and Auto CAD drawings for the ground level and manual stacker parking lot designs for malls, buildings, hospitals, tech parks, and more. After a long search, they were impressed with the experience of BackOffice Pro engineers and hired us for their five projects with a volume of 100 plus drawings in each project, working 160 hours in a month.

3D Modeling Solution from BackOffice Pro

Once we signed the NDA with the client, they shared the AutoCAD files and PDF drawings with us, mentioning the detailed instructions on the dimensions, raw material details, general layout, part number with the names and descriptions, standard parts such as pulleys, beams, gates, pillars platforms, etc.

With a team of four FTE, we reviewed the material specifications, dimensions, and bill of materials (BOM). We started creating the 3D modeling in Solidworks, maintaining all the precautions and prerequisites of matching the three configurations – W1, W2, W3. Once the 3D model is done, we shared the step file with the client to share their feedback. We incorporated the feedback in the 3D modeling and created the 2D drafting. Finally, we uploaded the output as 3D models, PDFs, and AutoCAD drawings directly into the client’s cloud storage.

3D Modeling Takeaways

Association with BOP helped the client complete around 500 drawings and 3D modeling on time, which enabled them to cater to their clients’ requirements smoothly.

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Outsource 3D Modeling Needs to BOP

3D modeling is a significant aspect of construction that is required at every step. If you have a similar or huge requirement of 3D modeling to support your engineering processes, contact us to know the outsourcing process at BOP along with the benefits you get.

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