Canadian Architectural Engineering Firm Partnered With Back Office Pro to Save $5,000 per Month

The Client

The client was a leading architectural firm, situated in Canada, involved in the execution of essential government tasks. The firm was searching for an offshore company to whom they could outsource architectural drawings. They were looking for a partner who would proficiently handle any increment in the volume of work and sudden spikes in drafting and drawing work-load.

The Challenges

We conducted various tests in order to meet the client’s requirements. Some of our challenges were as follows:

  • To be the best, most solid long haul Offshore Company for our client
  • To display our architectural drafting skills to persuade the client that we could produce top-quality drawings in a short period
  • To demonstrate that we were up to date with Canadian construction regulations and benchmarks, and had a profound understanding of the end-client's business requirements

The Back Office Pro Solution

We took the following steps to meet this architectural drawing undertaking:

  • Got a team of 2 specialized drafters on board—with one on standby to handle increased workload
  • Conducted quality control checks as a major aspect of each procedure including the audit of finished architectural drawings by different quality control chiefs
  • Ensured each errand was thoroughly checked by the CAD director as a component of the last QC process
  • Utilized AutoCAD, 3DS Max and sometimes Photoshop

The Result

Our diligent work guaranteed that the client was more than happy by our quality and opportune work. Our contribution brought about the following positive outputs -

  • Tremendous cut in costs: The client saved $5,000 every month—approximately half of the expense of getting the errand finished in Canada.
  • Brisk turnaround time: We ensured the drawings were finished and conveyed before the client woke up the following morning in view of India's special time-zone advantage.
  • Amazing work: The group of drafters especially employed for the task guaranteed that we conveyed brilliant architectural drawings, that too for assignments that had merciless deadlines.
  • Client satisfaction: The client was totally pleased by our dedication, professionalism and adaptability.
  • Profits for client: The firm is presently fit to keep tabs on business development, without needing to stress over any operational undertakings, which are continuously proficiently taken care of by Back Office Pro.


Your firm too can be a part of this success story. If you want to know how, get in touch with us and receive a highly competitive quote from us.