UK Based Integrated Property Service Company Saved £30,000 per month by Outsourcing its Architectural Drafting

Architectural Drafting Support at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a significant architectural engineering company offering architectural drafting support to the global construction companies, architects, builders, and real estate companies in their residential and commercial projects. We provide floor plans, utility plans, rendering, roof, and elevation plans focusing on creativity and innovation at competitive pricing.


Meet the Client – Property Service Company in the UK

A UK based integrated property Service Company which also functions internationally in the UAE.

Objectives Behind the Architectural Drafting Requirements

The primary objective of the client behind this requirement was to avail of architectural drawings for supermarkets and retail stores to continue with their growth.




Team Size

10 Architects

Client’s Business Needs on the Architectural Drafting

The client required an experienced outsourcing agency well versed with the UK building codes to help deliver high-quality drawings for supermarkets and retail stores while keeping up with their desired growth trajectory. As this was a long-term assignment, the client expected the agency to deliver rapid results with minimal guidance on their part.

BackOffice Pro’s Architectural Drafting Solution

Due to our ample CAD drafting experience, we provided an effective custom-made solution to the client’s needs.

  • We appointed two highly experienced drafters for the project
  • As demanded by the higher workload, we increased the number of drafters to 10 FTEs
  • We ensured long-term commitment of dedicated resources through binding contracts

The obstacles we faced through the assignment were guaranteeing consistent quality, each drawing, expanding operations by allocating the right resources, and engaging dedicated resources for a long-term collaboration. With an experienced team and project managers, we could combat the challenges and deliver the output on time.

Architectural Drafting Outcome

As the results suggest, the project achieved its objectives:

  • The client was able to procure all designs from the entire retail layout to hand drawings and specifications due to the wholesome solution
  • By outsourcing the assignment to Back Office Pro, the client was able to focus on the vital functions

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Architectural Drafting CTA

Hire Architects to Get BackOffice Support for Architectural Drafting Needs

BackOffice Pro’s architects convert scanned images and paper files to CAD drawings that are easy to store and retrieve when required. Being an ISO certified company, we adhere to the client’s requirements with ISO processes. If you are looking to outsource your architectural drafting or retail space planning needs, etc., contact us to know how we can help you to meet your business goals.

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