Back Office Pro Case Study: Creating Professional Videos for a Charter Boat Company

One of the most successful business strategies in today's visual world involves capturing customer experiences with high-quality photography and videography. This case study documents how a charter boat firm operating in the Virgin Islands uses the strategy to perfection by outsourcing video editing and production tasks to Back Office Pro (BOP).

The Client: A Charter Boat Operation Based in the Virgin Islands

The client is owner and operator of a "day sail" charter boat firm — providing half day, full day and sunset sail charters. In addition to "traditional" charter boat amenities, the client uses videography and still photography to capture customer activities.

The Business Situation: A Need to Improve DVDs Given to Customers

The client had already developed an understanding and appreciation of the marketing value due to the thoughtful and strategic use of videos. They were using a Go Pro Digital Camera to film customers while having fun and adventures during the sail charters. However, what was missing (in the eyes of the client) was satisfactory video editing by the in-house team. The client's strategic response was to outsource video editing to BOP so that charter customers would receive a high-quality DVD video of their experience.

The Back Office Pro Solution: Five Steps

BOP decided to use a five-step solution that would produce the desired level of video quality for the client:

  • Use a dedicated editor — To achieve continuity for all editing tasks, Back Office Pro assigned one Video Editor to work on the project from start to finish.
  • Add an extra level of quality control — BOP assigned a Supervisor who also performed as a Quality Analyst.
  • Condense video footage to feature two minutes or less — The Back Office Pro team edited raw footage (often exceeding three hours) so that customer videos would be one to two minutes long.
  • Choose video software that is most appropriate for the specific assignment — BOP used Adobe Premiere for the complex editing project.
  • Make video file transfer easy for everyone — Back Office Pro applied their advanced experience with FTP technology to make this a smooth and timely part of the overall process.

Results: A Fast Turnaround, High Quality and Long-Term Business

The client is delighted and now has a long-term contract with BOP for future work. Why were they delighted with Back Office Pro's initial work? Here are three reasons:

  • A quick turnaround — Five hours for video editing and delivery.
  • High quality — 100 per cent quality in the final video product.
  • Social media sharing — New customers were attracted via social sharing of the YouTube video uploaded to the charter company's website.


How Can Companies and Individuals Produce Better Videos?

Whether you run a charter business or are in another line of work, effective videos are likely to play an increasingly bigger role in your business success. Choosing Back Office Pro as your outsourcing partner for video editing and production will give you an important competitive edge.