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Educational Video Editing Assistance at BackOffice Pro (BOP)

At BackOffice Pro (BOP), we enable video production companies with various FTE engagement models to offshore video editing departments and wipe out the in-house resource challenges. We offer educational video editing services for supporting colleges, institutions, and universities in facilitating the rising demand for e-learning. We are the trusted partner of several educational bodies to outsource educational video editing needs.


Meet the Client: Popular e-Learning Organization in the USA

The client has an international enrollment of about 5 million students. A key component of online classes features industry experts in high-quality video tutorials. The client caters to both advanced and basic student learning needs and provides a combination of creative, business, and advanced software classes online.

Objective Behind the Educational Video Requirement

The client's primary objective behind the requirement was to stay abreast with e-learning materials to facilitate a seamless learning experience for the students.





Adobe Premiere CC 2014


70 hours of tutorial

Challenges of the Client in Perfecting and Improving eLearning Videos

The client knew exactly what they needed and wanted. They were looking for an experienced outsourcing partner capable of video editing for a new collection of educational tutorials — totaling more than 70 hours of instruction at both basic and advanced levels. Their requirement included a video editing team to adhere to their video template and editing standards. Additionally, they wanted the team to improve visuals, delete mistakes, and remove duplicate content such as rephrases.

E-learning Video Editing Support at BOP

To successfully approach the advanced video editing project, BOP created a video editing checklist including benchmarks for markers, slides, watermarks, and fixing bugs. It was followed with a trial editing phase to get the client’s approval after a two-minute editing phase. Using Adobe Premiere CC 2014, we delivered the educational video tutorials within the deadline.

With complex topics such as astronomy, understanding the instructor’s language, and placing time markers were difficult at times. However, with our expertise, we successfully dealt with the challenges and won over it.

Educational Video Editing Results

The client was 100 percent satisfied with the final videos delivered by Back Office Pro. All videos are now available on the client's online and secure e-learning portal.

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Improving the Education Experience with Better Video Content

Choosing a trusted partner such as BackOffice Pro, is a proven and cost-effective strategy to improve educational videos. BOP provides timely and advanced video editing help to various business needs. Contact us to know

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