Back Office Pro Case Study: Professional Editing of Educational Videos

The increasing popularity of online learning has required academic organizations to pay more attention to the quality of their online content. This case study illustrates how a prominent academic authority tackled a complex need for advanced video editing help by outsourcing to Back Office Pro (BOP).

The Client: A U.S. Organization with a Popular e-Learning Portal

The client has an international enrollment of about 5 million students. A key component of online classes features industry experts in high-quality video tutorials. The client caters to both advanced and basic student learning needs — and provides a combination of creative, business and advanced software classes online.

The Business Situation: Perfecting and Improving New Video Tutorials

The client knew exactly what they needed and wanted, including the following:

  • An experienced outsourcing partner capable of video editing for a new collection of educational tutorials — totaling more than 70 hours of instruction at both basic and advanced levels.
  • A requirement for the video editing team to adhere to the client's video template and editing standards.
  • Improving visuals, deleting mistakes and removing duplicate content (such as rephrases) were stipulated as three key client requirements.

The Challenges: Timing and Complex Material

Special challenges encountered by the BOP team included these:

  • Video footage was received intermittently by the Back Office Pro team.
  • With complex topics such as astronomy, understanding the instructor was difficult at times.
  • Placing time markers within video files as required by the client was also impacted by the tutor's language and more advanced topics.

The Back Office Pro Solution: Four Steps

To successfully approach this advanced video editing project, BOP adopted a four-step solution:

  • A video editing checklist — Including benchmarks for markers, slides, watermarks and fixing bugs.
  • A trial editing phase — Getting customer approval after a two-minute editing phase.
  • Using advanced video editing software — Back Office Pro used Adobe Premier CC 2014.
  • Training the video editing team — A week of training was provided to one quality analyst and four video editors. This training included specific client requirements for educational tutorial videos.

Results: 100 Percent Client Satisfaction

The client was 100 percent satisfied with final videos delivered by Back Office Pro. All videos are now available on the client's online and secure e-learning portal.


Improving the Education Experience with Better Video Content

Choosing a trusted partner such as Back Office Pro is a proven and cost-effective strategy to improve educational videos — BOP can provide timely and advanced video editing help.