Renowned Food Channel in Paris Gets Video Editing for 400 Culinary Videos and Enhanced the Marketing Initiatives

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Meet the client: A Famous Food Channel in Paris

Established in 2016 in Paris, the client runs a popular cookery channel on television and the internet showing food videos. With a multicultural team worldwide, the company brings cooking talents together in the kitchen with interesting products, services, and content. Inspired by millions of followers and billions of monthly views, they are continuously strengthening their brands, transforming their viewers into buyers.

Objective Behind the Culinary Video Editing

The client's primary goal was to edit around 4000 culinary videos so that they can promote them in their website and social media.





300-400 videos

Project Cost

$50k annually

Challenges at the Client’s End Before Hiring BOP

The client was facing challenges in the post-production work for food videos, adding subtitles in seven different languages. They wanted to address the global audience with various recipes, ingredients, GIF animation that could be posted to the various social media Instagram. They found BOP. Convinced by the expertise we have in editing, they hired us to get the best editing for their culinary videos.

Culinary Video Editing Support from BOP

The client shared raw footage, recorded videos, the recipe process descriptions, the ingredients in an excel sheet, the animation, and the food book. Three editors used Premiere Pro to compile the raw footages, descriptions, and components and worked on the rough cuts, followed by adding subtitles in seven different languages. We added the soundtrack, rendered the entire video, and shared it with the client in MP4 format. We delivered 400 videos of 5-7 mins each, every month following the same procedure.

Culinary Video Editing Outcome

  • The client received 400 videos of 5-7 minutes of length per video every month.
  • They got a back-office partner for their long-term requirement on video editing.
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