Outsourcing Video Editing Helps Wedding Videography Company in Georgia to Deliver the Output on Time

Wedding Video Editing Assistance at BOP

BackOffice Pro (BOP), as an eminent video editing company, understands the importance of a flawless wedding video for the couple. As an outsourcing destination, we have an experienced team who offer wedding video editing services, including wedding highlights, guest interviews, composition cropping, ariel footage editing, destination wedding, and more. With a decade of experience, we provide the best-in-class support to assist the wedding videographers, wedding planners, and video editing companies in clearing off their loads while allowing them more time to focus on their core areas. The current case study discusses about how a wedding videography company gets assisted by us to clear off their backlogs.


Meet the Client: US-Based Wedding Videography Company

Founded in 2017, the client is a renowned wedding videography company based in Georgia, USA. Formed by two people with a common goal of transforming wedding videos with a cinematic feel driven by beautiful stories, the company is growing faster, offering full-fledged wedding videography and photography. They understand that everyone deserves to remember their wedding day. The client has different packages and add-on facilities to suit all pockets. They capture moments and transform those into beautiful memories for the generations to come.

Objective Behind the Wedding Video Editing Requirement

The client was looking out for a partner to share their editing loads for their backlog wedding videos to share with their clients at the earliest and focus on shooting more videos.




Software / Application

Adobe Premiere Pro

Project Cost

$900 per video

Client’s Challenges with Wedding Video Editing

The company had to complete the editing of 75 wedding video projects within a thin timeline and deliver them to their clients shortly. They were not able to focus on shooting more weddings with the editing load. To cope up with the situation, they contacted BackOffice Pro to discuss their requirements and outsourcing their requirements to us.

BOP’s Custom Solution for Wedding Video Editing within Strict Timeline

The client shared the raw video footage as inputs with high expectations of finishing the project on time. We devised a custom process and planned to execute the project with a delivery schedule of 15 videos in a week. Once agreed by the client and post final discussion, we downloaded the raw footage and assigned the project to five video editors. The editing process started with selecting the shots and importing them into Adobe Premiere. We did the color correction, added transitions, made audio synchronization, composite, and render the final video, followed by sharing the MP4 files and the Premiere Pro project file with the client.

Wedding Video Editing Results

The client received the project as they expected with the following benefits:

  • Successfully cleared off the wedding video editing backlogs and shared with their respective clients
  • Tied up with a strategic partner for their back-end video editing support for all of their projects.
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Hire BOP as your Strategic Partner to Offload your Wedding Video Editing Loads

Strategic alliance is imperative in business that gives more space for growth. However, it is important to choose the right partner for your requirements to nurture growth. Outsource wedding video editing requirements to the BOP to get amazing videos while saving your time for your core business.

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