BackOffice Pro’s team of Data Specialists Helped Search Engine Application Developer with 150,000 Menu Item Data Entry

A venture-funded search engine application based in Bangalore, India wanted to provide online consumers with expanded access to restaurant services throughout India. This required adding more than 10,000 menus and 150,000 menu items within 10 days. After reviewing available alternatives, the client outsourced the project to BackOffice Pro (BOP) based on a reputation for strict adherence to schedules and high quality standards.

The Client — Bangalore-based Indian App Available Only on the Google Platform

The client launched business operations in 2014 with support by venture funds. Their hyper-local search engine provides shoppers with on-demand access to products and services from local businesses throughout India. With 2 million requests since inception, the client has partnered with 80,000 businesses and a million users. The client's app enables potential buyers to chat live with businesses — helping consumers to find nearby vendors, check prices, order products, schedule appointments and make reservations.

The Client Requirement — Coverage of All Restaurants with Accurate Menu Listings

The client wanted to add restaurant menus to their search engine covering businesses across India. This ambitious project involved a client requirement to type approximately 10,000 menus without errors and based on the client's search engine criteria. The client insisted that every restaurant should be covered, with final work to be delivered in less than a two-week span of time. This project also required a detailed understanding of the client's app and customer chat usage patterns. BackOffice Pro was chosen based on their ability to meet all client requirements.

Challenges — Menus in Different Formats

Because BackOffice Pro has 14 years of specialized experience in completing high-volume data entry projects involving fast turnarounds, the requirements for both accuracy and speed did not present any special challenges. However, the availability of menus in two different formats — some text and some PDF — did require some timely adjustments by the BOP team.

The BackOffice Pro Solution — A Dedicated Data Entry Team

BOP assembled a team of 10 data entry specialists who worked on the project until completion. During the 10-day project, team members typed 10,000 menus involving 150,000 menu items in Microsoft XLS spreadsheets and then distributed the data to the client in a CSV format. In addition to adhering to specific client criteria, the BackOffice Pro team observed internal quality control standards that are designed to ensure accurate results.


Outsourcing Results — Timely Delivery with 100% Accuracy

Upon completion of the project by BackOffice Pro, the client was able to complete their suite of business services by adding a comprehensive list of restaurants and menus for users of the local search app. The client was pleased due to results that lived up to their ambitious expectations:

  • Data entry of 150,000 menu items within 10 days (on time).
  • 10,000 menus without errors — 100 per cent accuracy.