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Meet the Client – Global Leader in Soil Survey and Analysis

The client is an Australian company operating out of the Middle East. It is an acknowledged global leader in soil survey and analysis.

Objective Behind the Data Entry Project

The goal behind the data entry project was to enter data based on the report of the physical copy and automating the update and merging of data whenever fresh data would be entered.




Software / Application

SQL Database


6 months

Client’s Challenges Before Hiring BOP

As a leading firm in soil survey and analysis, data entry forms the bulk of the client’s functions. It runs a wide range of data entry projects on different parameters. They wanted to create a unique SQL database containing an automated back-end function following their then operating system. The aim was to automatically update and merge data whenever new entries would be made. The client had, in the past, faced problems in integrating various data. Soil surveys are unique, and the client’s physical copy contained 40 fields based on which the data entry interface had to provide for the same.

They needed an offshore partner for six months. The requirement was to handle and manage data entry for the soil survey sheet. Back Office Pro was chosen because of its excellence in handling another smaller data entry project for the client in the past. The previous project was commended for both its quality and efficiency.

BackOffice Pro’s Custom Solution for Soil Survey Data Entry

In keeping with the client’s requirements and the unique challenges it posed, we came up with the following solutions:

  • We created a unique SQL database
  • Effort was made to keep the new SQL database almost identical to the client’s database. This would later help its adaptability and usability.
  • A committed FTP system was formed to aid file transfer
  • A dedicated FTP, along with our SQL database, was designed for a smooth flow of data entry interface.
  • A viable system to aid the integration and management of data by the client.

Data Entry Project Outcome

  • Although the development of the SQL software, according to the client specifications, was an expensive project, the client was not charged for this extra cost. Hence, we offered a massive cut in developmental costs.
  • Data entry was not just simplified; it was also made incredibly automated. This was possible only after we solved data transfer and updating issues.
  • They got prompt, efficient, and effective delivery. The project was finished within the stipulated six months with daily data entry output.
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