London-Based Book Publisher Completed ePublication Conversion of 1062 Pages in 20 Days through Outsourcing

Typesetting of Books and Conversion to eBook Format

BackOffice Pro (BOP) has a decade of experience in supporting global clients with ePublication services. We offer ePUB and ePUB3 conversions and accept all formats including RTF, Quark, PDF, XML, HTML, MS Word, etc. This case study involves a UK-based publisher seeking to save costs when converting hard copies of books into an eReader format. The client was also seeking to outsource cover design and typesetting of several print versions — the client selected Back Office Pro (BOP) for both projects.


Meet the Client — London-based Book Publisher

The client is based in London and recently began to translate Arabic language books into English. The publisher previously focused primarily on facsimile editions of 18th and 19th-century rare books in poetry, literature, travel, and history.





1062 pages


20 day

Client’s Challenges with Typesetting and eBook Conversion

The client's initial business requirement was to convert one hard copy of a book into a format compatible with Mobi and ePub conditions in today's internet publishing sales environment. The client previously outsourced similar tasks to British companies but was willing to consider offshoring the work outside of Britain to reduce conversion costs.

During initial project discussions, it became apparent that the client also needed help with cover design and typesetting of three books for print versions. The client insisted on 100 percent accuracy for both projects.

Custom Solution from BOP on Typesetting and eBook Conversion

A dedicated team was formed to meet the client's unique needs and timetable — the BOP team consisted of copyeditors, proofreaders, graphic designers, and layout artists. The aggressive timeline was resolved by working in three shifts — the three-book project involved scanning 1062 pages using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that produced an editable format. This step included proofreading that was followed by final typesetting. Quality was reviewed regularly — to maintain high accuracy, a two-way quality check process involving both the vendor side and client-side was adopted.

While BackOffice Pro possessed all of the required managerial and technical skills to complete the two projects, the client did have high expectations for both outsourcing projects — saving money while maintaining a high level of quality and achieving a fast turnaround of 20 days for everything. These challenges were readily accepted by the experienced team at BackOffice Pro.

Typesetting and eBook Conversion Results

BOP's ability to accomplish both projects contributed significantly to the final successful results. A new client was pleased and has subsequently selected BackOffice Pro for new business projects while also referring other clients to the BOP. In addition to completing everything in 20 days, BackOffice Pro helped the client save 70 percent compared to costs by using local vendors in Britain.

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