Precise Data Mining Helps Florida Based Law Firm to Build Comprehensive Client Database

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Meet the Client – Florida Based Law Firm

The client is a renowned law firm in Florida, focusing on consumer bankruptcy and debt solutions. Helping thousands of debtors to start fresh, the client pays personal attention to get you through the tough time, along with working on the credit repair once the case is over. Operating from Bradenton, Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Lakewood Ranch, and in South and Central Florida, the client helps people for filing bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Objective Behind the Data Mining Project

The sole objective behind the project requirements was to build a client database for effective marketing strategies.




Software / Applications

Excel Spreadsheet


$18,000 - $23,000

Client’s Challenges

The client was in a practice of sending emails directly to the people who have been sued by the debt collectors or creditors in around fifty counties in Florida. Initially, they fetched the email address manually from the websites; however, the data mining was superficial and unreliable, which led them to miss out on many potential clients.

The client was interested in exploring data mining services to create a database of potential clients for combating the challenge and supporting their marketing process. They wanted the data to be pulled from court filings and different websites, filtered by case type and specific plaintiffs. The data mining should also include the name and address of the defendant associated with the cases targeting the state of Florida.

Solution on Data Mining from BackOffice Pro

The client provided a set of parameters, including specific counties, types of cases, and plaintiffs, expecting to receive the updated list of all sued individuals meeting the parameters. The list must be in an excel spreadsheet, including the address of the potential clients.

A team comprising of 2 experts worked on a daily delivery schedule. They performed exhaustive data mining on various websites to determine the names and addresses from the paper filed with the court by the plaintiff across specific locations in different counties. The team navigated through the different document types to locate relevant data. We delivered the project output adhering to the SOP established for various data sources in other counties.

Data Mining Project Takeaways

The client was highly satisfied with BackOffice Pro’s ability to understand and extract information from legal documents. The client gradually expanded the number of counties from 3 to 12 and planned to assign all the Florida counties to us.

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