Outsourcing Made Organizing Colossal Information Seamless for Global Environmental Management Company in the USA

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Meet the Client: Environment Management Company in the USA

Based in New York, the client is a leading environmental investigation and management company specializing in the Federal/State/Local regulatory climates. Founded in 1988, the company expanded in length and breadth with consistent quality services to build adequate environmental resources for their clients and industry peers. The company gives all the credit for their success to their employees.

Objective Behind the Data Entry Need

The principal objective behind the data entry need was to organize their information for proper documentation.



New York, USA

Software / Application

Adobe DC



Client’s Challenges with the Data Entry Requirements

The client was looking to prepare a lead contamination report from different documentation from the inspector’s observation, test readings, certificates. They faced considerable challenges in organizing the information to prepare various reports based on the test readings. Hence the client was searching for an outsourcing partner with tremendous experience to organize the information and reports.

Lead contamination report preparation from the different documentation provided by the client. Client provides FWS with apartment inspector’s observation, test readings, certificates, etc. FWS needs to organize the information to prepare different kinds of reports based on the test readings. The documents consisted of various formats, including but not limited to PDFs, MS Word, and Excel spreadsheets.

Custom Solution from BOP on Data Entry

To help the client attain the objective, BOP’s team formed five employees and provided extensive training that included contextual information around the project, such as the reason and the purpose. A separate Quality Assurance team was also created with a checklist of pointers to maintain. We divided the project into three parts, and the team was allocated accordingly to each part with a compatible skillset.

We understood the industry jargon, comprehended test results, and relevant documentation, extrapolated information from the apartment drawings. We completed the document management creating one report entailing certifications and affidavits with high accuracy prerequisites, including minor details like punctuation, capitalization, and correct terminology of components. Finally, we shared the output in Adobe DC, MS Excel, and MS Word.

Data Entry Project Takeaways

Client was satisfied with our ability to incorporate different processes into a single workflow and adapt and learn the industry-specific information. They were able to organize the entire information and maintain it in one document.

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