Product Images of a Leading Furniture Company were Organized in their Ecommerce Website with Precise Data Entry Service

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Meet the Client – A Leading Furniture Ecommerce Company in the USA

Established in 2003, the client is a leading eCommerce company in the USA, specializing in custom handcrafted custom mahogany furniture, home and pub bars, bar furniture. They offer absolute freedom to their client with high-level customization options depending on their needs regarding size, design, and finish. Driven by the process, we build furniture to fit the exact requirements facilitating their client’s review and approval in both raw and finished state.

Objective Behind the Image Data entry Requirement

The data entry requirements were to organize and update the eCommerce website with the correct product images.





3500+ images

Project Cost

USD 3,000

Client’s Challenges Before Getting Image Data Entry Support

The eCommerce website of the company was disorganized either with missing images or mismatched images with the product description and features. The client was looking for an outsourcing partner who had the expertise in Ecommerce Data Entry and Image Tagging and could organize the product images for a seamless experience. Coming across BackOffice Pro, they decided to sign up with us, being convinced with our expertise.

Solution on Image Data Entry from BackOffice Pro

We received multiple folders and links to the images of all the furniture products, following which a team of 3 experts was assigned to work exclusively on the project. The team discussed with the client thoroughly and understood the requirements clearly to get started. We had to log in to the FB account and other social media accounts to access the different folders and links where the images were stored to dig out the data. Additionally, researching online to discover the relevant images/products and studying their descriptions and features was substantial. We did this to tag and matched the products on the client’s eCommerce website. The final delivery was within the deadline with quality service meeting the client’s expectations.

Image Data Entry Project Takeaways

  • The client received the output within the scheduled deadline.
  • They were highly satisfied with our team arrangements and disciplined services
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