US-based Online Furniture Store Saves 50% Cost by Outsourcing Data Entry to BackOffice Pro

Meet the Client – US-Based Leading Online Furniture Company

Based in the USA, the client is a leading online furniture company specialized in custom mahogany furniture for homes, bars, pubs, etc. They value their clients by giving them the freedom of high-level customization options based on their needs on the design, finish, size, etc. Topping that, they welcome their clients’ reviews in different manufacturing phases, including the raw and approval, and build the furniture and keeping the reviews in mind to deliver the output to fit their exact requirements.

Objective Behind the eCommerce Data Entry Need

The major objective behind the eCommerce data entry requirement was to organize and update their eCommerce website with accurate product images.


Client’s Challenges Prior to Availing of eCommerce Data Entry Support from BOP

The client was facing challenges such as:

  • Organizing their eCommerce website
  • Uploading the missing images,
  • Correcting the mismatched images,
  • Entering accurate product description and features.

They were looking for an experienced outsourcing partner with expertise in eCommerce data entry and image tagging who can organize their product images on their website for a seamless experience within the deadline. Convinced with the experienced team and portfolio of BackOffice Pro, they hired us for their project.





3,500+ images

Project Cost

USD 3,000

Custom Solution from BackOffice Pro on eCommerce Image Data Entry

The client shared multiple folders and links to the furniture's images, and we assigned a team of 3 eCommerce data entry experts to work on the project dedicatedly. With thorough communication with the clients, we understood the exact requirement and started to work on the project. We formulated a sequential approach which progressed as below:

  • Collected all the image folders and links of the products, by logging in to their FB account and other social media accounts.
  • Researched on the web to find out relevant product images and know the descriptions.
  • Uploaded and tagged the images and the description to match the products on the client’s eCommerce website
  • Submitted the final delivery within the stipulated time, meeting the client’s expectations.

Image Data Entry Project Outcome

The accurate eCommerce data entry from the BOP helped the client to organize their website and make it a seamless experience for their visitors, saving 50% on their operation cost.

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Outsource eCommerce Data Entry Requirements to Keep your Online Shops Updated

Hire a back-office partner to assist you with data entry needs for your online store, outsource eCommerce data entry requirements to us. While we update your online product database, focus on the expansion of your business.

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