BOP Helped US-based Car Dealer with Skilled Animators to Develop an Animated 3D Walkthrough Video

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Our Client – Reputed Car Dealer

Our client is a reputable car dealer and a certified service center based in the USA. With a thought to focus more on the service side of the business and to stay ahead of competitors, the client decided to showcase its business offerings and facilities on the web. The client required an artistically developed 3D model of the entire dealership area and an animated walkthrough video of the same. As the input material, the client provided drone images and videos of the various areas within the dealership.

Artistic Walkthrough Video Requirement

The client was seeking an outsourcing partner with artistic modeling and walkthrough video creation experience. After contacting with back Office Pro, our team had a discussion on the project with the client to define all of the requirements and assign appropriate number of animators to meet the expected deadline for the deliverables.




Software / Application

3DS Max, After Effects, and Maya

Challenges Regarding the Input Video Footages and Images

The images from the client were a challenge to stitch due to the surrounding structures. As a result, these images had to be recreated. The video footage supplied by the client was captured by drones and required careful editing and sequencing to produce a smooth, seamless final output.

How BOP Developed the 3D Model and Walkthrough Video

The team animators assigned by BOP to the project applied our proven step-wise process to accomplish this task. Once the requirements and delivery schedule were finalized, the team began working on the project:

  • The team began the process by crafting a preliminary model of the car dealership to develop a reliable point of reference.
  • The next step was the development of a model for the walkthrough video and stitching the drone images and videos together to create a seamlessly fluid visual experience.
  • The animation team at Back Office Pro added appropriate animations to cover the incomplete or missing elements and created the consistency across the video.
  • The team made use of advanced software in successfully delivering the project on time. During the course of the project, we used 3DS Max, After Effects, and Maya.

End Benefits

The client benefited from receiving a high-quality 3D visualization of the dealership area and a professional walkthrough video showcasing the facilities. Our experience in dealing with similar projects coupled with the elite animation team helped the client with their outsourcing requirement and drove the success of this project.

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