3D Character Modeling and Rigging Helped a Creative Studio in California in Making an Animation Video

BackOffice Pro’s 3D Character Modeling Solution

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is an imminent 3D modeling and animation providing company assisting in the animation requirements of various organizations around the world in a different industry. Clients have appreciated our works over the decades and continue to partner with us for our best services.


Meet the client: A Creative Studio in California

Based in California, the client is a creative studio providing architectural plans, structural details, 3D renderings for interior design, environment artwork. They assist their client with modeling support for the architectural designs, along with 3D graphic design to minimize the expenses of the building contractors and help them obtain building permits.

The Objectives of 3D Modeling and Rigging Project

The client wanted to partner with BOP to:

  • Get 3D modeling and rigging for six human characters



California, USA



Software / Application


Challenges at Client’s End Before Availing 3D Modeling and Rigging from BOP

For making an animation video, the client had a requirement of the modeling and rigging of six human characters. They were stuck with this step and were in search of an experienced animation company to work together on the project. Coming across BOP, they were convinced with our expertise and hired us to accomplish the goal.

The Solution from BOP on 3D Modeling and Rigging

We received the client’s inputs in the form of sketches with T-poses of the characters, ethnicity, mood, age, texture details, and character descriptions. A team comprising of two modelers, one rigging artist, and one texture artist started working on the project. We used 3dsMAX for 3D modeling and sent it for the client’s approval. With the feedback from the client on the eye tone, facial expressions, hair color, etc. we improvised and used Maya for rigging. Adding the texture details, we completed the model. The client was highly impressed with our 3D character modeling and rigging.

The Results After Availing BOP’s Custom 3D Character Modeling Service

  • The client got a cost-benefit of 30%
  • They got assistance from a highly experienced 3D modeling and rigging artists
character creation CTA

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With highly skilled character animation artists and illustrators, possessing years of experience, BOP caters to the clients with 3D character animation requirements. Based on the client’s concepts, style and design priorities, we create 3D characters from the scratch, and assist our clients in their business requirements. Contact us to know more about our 3D character development and other animation services and how we can assist you.

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