Complete Newsletter Service for a USA Based Advisory Firm


Client Profile- USA Based Advisory Firm

The client is a situational advisor in healthcare, offering a unique blend of services in investment banking, leadership support services, strategy consultation, along with complimentary support in the healthcare value chain. Spending several years in the industry, they are helping their clients to achieve their goals and objectives.

Client Requirement: Newsletter Service

The client wanted to partner with a company with a strong background in market research, competitor analysis, and completing the project of newsletter service within the stipulated time. They found Back Office Pro (BOP) and lured with our expertise; they hired us for work on their project.

Initial Challenges in the Project

In the initial phase, the BOP team faced some difficulties with understanding the project requirement and the stringent deadline but discussing with the client helped us in clearing all our doubts. We delivered the requirement on time.

Custom Approach of Back office Pro for the Complete Newsletter Analysis

Once we understood the requirement, we identified daily newsletters from FirstwordPharma, Endpoint News, FierceBiotech, FiercePharma, and made a note of every news, hyperlinking with its source. We prepared ten consecutive words of the headline that are most powerful, populated the newsletters in Mailchimp, and sent them daily from Monday to Friday.

Remarkable Benefits for the Client

The client received the essential newsletters based on their requirement while saving 40% cost on resources. Being happy with our deliveries, they decided to get into an ongoing business relationship..