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Meet the Client - Florida-based Solar Contractor

Our client is a leading solar contractor for residential properties based in Orland, Florida, and established in the 80s. The client’s immaculate reputation for excellent service, high-end products, and after-sales support has resulted in recommendations by local builders, roofing experts, and previously satisfied clients. The client was looking for technical feasibility analysis reports for the installation of roof-mounted solar panels and the predicted power gain from the system over time.

Objective of the Technical Feasibility and Analysis of Solar Panel Installation

The client had a project to install solar panels on some of the houses in the selected areas. Thus they wanted the feasibility report to assess the technical details.




Software / Application




Client’s Challenges with the Technical Feasibility Analysis

Our team was presented with 22,920 home addresses and tasked with evaluating each residence against a number of predefined conditions designed to determine the viability of each proposed installation. These stipulations required a minimum of 50% clear roof space, landscape-oriented roof shape, and analysis of obstacles to the sunlight. The client was looking for a partner to outsource their product development process to a company with experience meeting critical project deadlines.

BackOffice Pro’s Custom Solution on the Technical Feasibility Analysis

In an effort to meet the project deadline and deliver a high-quality end product, the team followed BackOffice Pro’s seamless process. Our client provided the addresses and supporting data in Microsoft Excel format. The team took care to accurately input the raw data into HelioScope software to analyze the statistics of each address. The results were divided into groups for properties that proved feasible and those which did not, with the feedback supplied in PDF format.

The team prioritized the governmentally pre-approved addresses to ensure that the project’s pace was maintained. The final deliverables were securely submitted to the client via Dropbox and received final approval.

Takeaways of the Technical Feasibility Analysis

The successful completion of this project resulted in benefits for both the client and BackOffice Pro. The client benefited from receiving precise, high-quality reports delivered on time and was able to proceed with pursuing leads armed with comprehensive information.

Finate Element Analysis CTA

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