UK Based Refrigeration Compressor Parts Manufacturer Witnessed Substantial Cost Saving by Outsourcing Reverse Engineering

The Client

The client is a manufacturer and supplier of refrigeration compressor spare parts. They are major suppliers in Europe, particularly in UK, and the Middle East.

The Business Need

The client was in the process of carrying out reverse engineering fiber gaskets to create solid models in DXF AutoCAD file format. However, the process was turning out to be an expensive proposition. They also did not have enough resource to carry out this process. Consequently, the client was exploring the possibility of hiring an offshore partner. They were hoping to save on costs, since their order was fairly large. They were also seeking an expert solution to improve the efficiency of their operations. In short, the client was looking for:

  • Reverse engineering of fiber gaskets to a specified format
  • Shipping the said gaskets to other locations
  • Deriving error-free true dimensional DXF output
  • Cost efficiency
  • Operational efficiency

The Challenges

The wide scope of the project offered us some unique challenges:

  • The variations in gasket shapes and sizes
  • Gauging, examining and measuring each gasket for a precise record of the design intent
  • Creating electronic editable formats of true dimensional DXF file, built precisely according to the original.
  • Constraining the project within the cost specifications of the client, while delivering on the specified schedule.

The BackOffice Pro Solution

Before starting on the project, our team carefully evaluated the requirements. Our solution had the following features:

  • Obtaining cloud point data by laser scanning a sample
  • Creating drawing from this information
  • Utilizing SOLIDWORKS 2012 to translate the scans to DXF files.
  • The samples were sent to the client for approval
  • After the samples passed client scrutiny, work on the full order was begun.
  • Workstations were equipped with the latest relevant software like AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS etc
  • Instituting a backup and disaster recovery system to be cautious
  • Appointing reserve staff as well as funds to make sure the work went smoothly.
  • Using various security measure to protect client data - such as secure VPN communication - IPSec/PPTP for secure access to files, McAfee Enterprise Suite for virus prevention and cure, instituting HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) and NAC (Network Access Control), Gateway level anti-spyware and spam filter for internet access and mail server, URL filter application for surf control, Domain level access restrictions along the line of Group Policy, restricted internet access based on Domain Authentication, access to centralized storage and File system based in user authentication.


The Result

The client derived the following benefits from our services:

  • Savings went up by 50%
  • By outsourcing, the client freed their resources, which could then focus on business purposes.
  • Improving efficiency by shaking up the manufacturing process

Our very satisfied customer has promised to approach us for further work. They have also assured us with a positive reference.