E-commerce Giant in the USA Switches to Outsourcing New Product Development and 3D Furniture Modeling for Large Scale Project

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Meet the Client – Largest Online Furniture Stores in the USA

The client is one of the largest online stores in the United States: an e-commerce giant offering home and office furniture and décor, with over 10 000 suppliers on their network.

The client required an outsourcing partner with experience in new product development to complete the project within the expected deadline. BackOffice Pro was contracted to help set up the 3D modeling process, creating 200 models over one month.

Objective of the 3D Modeling Project

The client wanted to create 3D models of their furniture to display it better on their online store.




Software / Application

3D Studio MAX, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator


200 Models

Client’s Challenges with the Furniture Modeling Project

The client wanted four 3D models with texturing, lighting and rendering, and adhering to ergonomic standards:

  • Silo Studio render on white background with only the object
  • Silo render with the exact dimensions on a black and white background
  • Product showcased in the actual environment
  • Vignette: a close-up of the furniture

Custom Solution from BackOffice Pro on Furniture Modeling

3D Studio MAX, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator were used to set up the process for a large volume of work. We received the SKUs, along with photographs of the furniture, with or without dimensions. SKUs and pictures of furniture were downloaded, reviewed, and categorized. The team was distributed according to the complexity of the work and time availability. Modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering were completed. Two-rounds of internal quality control were met. After receiving the client’s feedback, we updated the 3D models through FTP in the respective SKU, and the requests were closed.

Due to the low-resolution images provided, textures could not be extracted from the source images, especially in organic products with lots of details. Understanding the exact requirements of the client with regards to environment selection or scene renders was also needed. A limited amount of time was also a challenge, as was the availability of the scenes. However, with experienced, we were able o overcome the obstacles quickly.

Furniture Modeling Project Takeaways

With the ultimate motto of a satisfied customer, BackOffice Pro achieved its transparent process, timely delivery, and accurate output.

3D Furniture Modeling CTA

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