US Based Food Display Product Manufacturing Company Saved $60,000 by Outsourcing Design to BackOffice Pro

The Client

The client is a leading engineering services company, based in the Gulf region. They have customers from different sectors such as construction, infrastructure, etc. and they were into providing various business services to them.

The Project

The client needed modifications on an on-site lift. They wanted to augment its load-bearing capacity from 1 ton to 3 ton. They needed two technical assessments before the work could commence:

The BackOffice Pro Solution

To execute the technical processes of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Fatigue Analysis (FA) through ProE, we undertook the following measures:

  • We started by spotting and appointing technical experts with the qualifications and experience to handle this kind of work.
  • Resources required for the project were documented. The team also devised the approach to the project.
  • A simulation of the entire project was carried out to minimize the chances of error and ensure precision and excellence in the final work.
  • Augmenting the weight bearing capacity of the lift would also entail raising its height and weight. Our mechanical engineering documented the requirements of this task, setting up a Bill of Material (BOM). This was also necessary to ascertain the cost of the overall exercise.
  • We were successful in our appointed task and completed it well before time.
  • We raised the height by 1 meter.
  • Devised the optimum weight for the lift itself
  • Our formulation ensured safety factor of 2
  • For easier understanding we created video animation of the simulation, apart from a detailed report


The Result

As a result of our thorough analysis we had a very happy client.

The many-fold benefits to our client include:

  • Our report was delivered within a very short time
  • Despite our top quality work, our rates were far more reasonable than our competitors

Our very satisfied customer has promised to approach us for further work. They have also assured us with a positive reference.