The Most Important Administration Functions to Outsource 07 Feb 2014

The Most Important Administration Functions to Outsource

Administration – it’s an important part of your business, right? Actually, it might not be as essential as you think. Most businesses find that their administrative responsibilities, while important, are actually nonessential. That means that they can be safely outsourced without harming your company, and in fact actually helping you run a leaner, tighter, more profitable business. What are the most important administration functions to outsource, though? Here’s a look.


Payroll is the most commonly outsourced administration function without a doubt. Companies of all shapes and sizes outsource their payroll functions because it just makes sense. Organizations that specialize in payroll outsourcing can do a better, faster job than your in-house payroll department, and for less money. That offers speed, efficiency and cost savings to your business. It makes a lot of sense.


Most small to medium businesses fully outsource their legal administration functions. This is done for a number of different reasons, but one of the most important is to save money. It’s quite costly to hire legal experts to ensure that your company remains in compliance with government and industry guidelines. An outsourced services provider can do the job better, for less money.

Benefits Administration

Your company is responsible for providing benefits to each employee. However, the administration of those benefits is time consuming, inefficient and frustrating. You can easily outsource your benefits administration and free up your core HR experts to focus on bigger picture problems, like ensuring your business is running smoothly. Any business with benefits administration requirements should consider outsourcing these functions.

Pre-employment Screenings

Ensuring that you bring the right people into your company is an important duty of HR personnel. However, the administration side of pre-employment screenings can be time consuming and difficult. Drug testing, application vetting, contacting resources, conducting background checks – all of these things require an inordinate amount of time. It’s far better to outsource your pre-employment screening requirements to an expert company.

Data Entry

Whether you run an ecommerce company or you need your hardcopy records transferred to a digital format, you need data entry workers. The problem here is that such workers come at a cost – every employee you hire requires benefits, insurance, salary and more. You can outsource your data entry needs very easily, and save both time and money during the process.

Research and Analysis

Conducting competitor research and market analysis is time consuming and tricky. You can expect to spend a bundle if you keep this in house. Instead, consider outsourcing your research and analysis needs to a specialist provider. You might even find that your results are more accurate, allowing you to make better business decisions and cut costs.

As you can see, there are numerous important things that can be outsourced. Other areas commonly outsourced today include engineering services, creative services like illustration and desktop publishing, data management, photo and video editing, and transcription to name just a few. Do your homework, choose a reputable company, and enjoy the benefits of outsourcing.

– Back Office Pro

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