21 Dec 2022

The Future of The Outsourcing Industry with Increasing Advent Of AI

AI will continue to be a significant player in businesses worldwide, moving into the 21st century. Is anyone surprised, though? Calling AI disruptive is underselling its potential. It’s game-changing, exciting, and has the potential to get so much better. 

As a result, 85% of businesses are either incorporating AI into their business process or figuring out how to apply it. But how does this impact the future of outsourcing with AI in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry? 

Outsourcing will transform as AI gets more powerful. Service providers who try to incorporate AI will set themselves up for tremendous opportunities. Will AI and outsourcing become long-term partnerships, or will they start feuding? Let’s take a close look at the future of outsourcing with AI. 

The Future of Outsourcing with AI and its Increasing Adoption

AI is a tool that continues to evolve in the outsourcing industry. We’re already seeing it being woven into many BPO processes. That doesn’t mean that the human element isn’t still an essential component of outsourcing. But AI is beneficial with repetitive, mundane tasks. Partners who still rely on humans for these tasks are putting themselves at risk of being outperformed. 

One of the most significant transformations we’ve seen is the collaboration of AI with Big Data and Cloud computing. AI handles both of those exceptionally well. Since they are an intimate part of BPO, providers have been able to hand these over to AI to put their workforce to better use. 

Here are some examples of ways that Artificial Intelligence will continue to shape Business Process Outsourcing as we move deeper into the 21st century.

Greater Integration of AI-Powered Automation Technologies

AI has worked its way into businesses for years, but its growth has boomed recently. 

Companies have begun using robotic process automation (RPA) to automate routine processes, freeing resources for tasks requiring human interaction. Large corporations have always farmed out these mundane business processes, but now AI allows them to do it in-house. 

But the most potent application of AI comes with financial and cyber security. Tasks like information verification, financial assistance, and auditing now incorporate AI and are considered more efficient. 

Reallocation of the Workforce to High-Value Tasks

AI technology is not a threat to the outsourcing industry. 

Even though it improves mundane tasks that have been outsourced in the past, implementing this technology is a large expense. That’s why businesses select outsourcing partners who provide AI-empowered services. 

Outsourcing providers are then able to allocate their workforce to high-value tasks. This enables firms to provide better results and enhance the overall customer experience.

AI-Enabled Financial Services Outsourcing

The financial industry continues to make gains by venturing into implementing artificial intelligence. 

While they are understandably weary of allowing AI systems to access specific points, they continue searching for ways to improve their efficiency and the customer experience. 

The future of outsourcing with AI dictates that providers must find ways to remove some of the strain financial institutions carry. 

Virtual assistants, security, and language processing are three areas where financial institutions can find relief with the right outsourcing partner that utilizes AI for financial outsourcing. 

Shift in the Calibration of Buyer-Vendor Partnerships

We will see changes in how companies choose AI partners in the coming years. Right now, only a few select businesses have partnered with new providers due to the advent of AI For outsourcing. 

The future of outsourcing with AI will see service providers incorporate AI into their processes that benefit businesses, thus attracting businesses to these partnerships. 

We know that innovation ability is a huge factor in companies choosing outsourcing partners. Studies show that 85% of enterprises agree with that statement. Furthermore, 64% aim to achieve improved efficiency at lower costs. 

By incorporating AI into BPO practices, partners meet all of those requirements. Therefore, we’ll see corporations move away from outsourcing partners that don’t meet these criteria.


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