Business Process Outsourcing Is A Rising Trend During The Pandemic 28 May 2021

Business Process Outsourcing Is A Rising Trend During The Pandemic

Even before the global pandemic, a lot of businesses were keen on undergoing digital transformation. That’s because digital technologies are now highly efficient and offer a lot of innovation. By implementing digital innovations, your whole industry becomes more efficient. More importantly, it becomes more affordable and, without a doubt, more accessible.

But when the world was hit with the outburst of a yet unknown virus, and lockdowns were placed throughout the world, most businesses had to make adjustments. Surprisingly during the pandemic, the BPO industry stayed afloat. The number one reason for this was digital innovations.

The Impact of the Pandemic on the BPO Industry

The impact that the Covid-19 had on businesses and entire industries was definitely unexpected. Undoubtedly, the world was in no way prepared for such a circumstance. The cancellation of flights and proclaimed lockdowns caused most organizations to take action and adjust in order to ensure survival.

Since this pandemic was a multifaceted one, many BPO companies had to make changes to adapt to this situation properly. The fortunate ability to work remotely helped, as it allowed BPO companies to work with minimal risks to their employees.

However, this doesn’t mean that the changes were easily implementable. It’s not like every company has a team of experts who are used to working remotely. On the contrary, most BPO companies have staff who work from an office with specified equipment.

Luckily, technology allowed BPO companies to have minimal disruptions. The impact of Covid-19 is undoubtedly huge. Further on in the article, we’ll see how outsourcing played a significant role in helping businesses survive this particular situation and also, why it’s safe to say that BPO is an essential part of the business ecosystem. 

Why Is Outsourcing Essential and a Rising Trend During the Pandemic?

Business Process Outsourcing Services throughout the world had a chance to continue functioning properly during the pandemic. Outsourcing services from accounting, to data recording, payroll, telemarketing, customer support, social media marketing, and several more – all continued to be important functions for businesses.

Outsourced business process services play an essential role for many small and medium-sized businesses. There are several reasons why these services are needed.

Many companies are interested in cloud computing, so they turn to BPO services. Sometimes, many want to keep in touch with innovative trends such as AI (artificial intelligence). BPOs secure data storage, offer easy access to information and have a streamlined performance. Most importantly, there’s a real-time engagement of customers.

Being able to offer all these services, while being remotely available and efficient, is what kept outsourcing running, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the competition in the BPO industry is fierce. That’s why only the BPO company that provides impeccable service in a cost-effective manner will emerge as the market leader.

2021 is the year that will show some of the most distinct trends in the BPO industry. Let’s take a look at what these trends are. 

The Top Outsourcing Trends in the Pandemic Year

No matter which BPO service we consider, the trends are similar. Whether we are looking at the BPO services in India or BPO services in the US the story is the same. We’ve compiled a list of seven outsourcing trends that have made it to the top in this pandemic year. 

1. Enhancement of Remote Work

Remote work isn’t a new concept for outsourcing companies. Therefore, what they were faced with during the pandemic, already had a promising outcome. Many clients in need of outsourcing services can, in fact, get services with the work-from-home alternative.

2. Implementation of RPA

RPA, or robotic process automation, relies heavily on the advanced technology we have at hand. This kind of automation enables the efficient processing of tasks while increasing profit and productivity. Needless to say that it works in perfect harmony with the corresponding human functions.

3. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is likely to become mainstream in the future. It enables quick access to resources and secure data at affordable, low operating costs.

4. The Need for Social Media Services

The more a business wants to include social media in its marketing strategy, the higher the need for outsourcing social media will be. This need is on the rise, so BPO companies that offer social media management services can expect more new clients in the future.

5. Omnichannel Experience

Omnichannel communication is a communication strategy that uses various channels. It is needed to provide the best service to the customers. We know that BPO companies have to stay in line with the modern world, so an omnichannel experience is a must.

6. A Proliferation of Small Business Clients

Earlier, outsourcing was of interest only for well-established and large companies. However, at present, more and more small businesses and start-ups are outsourcing their services to BPOs for enhancing their efficiency and growth.

7. Boosted Workforce

Since the potential clients of BPOs have ever-evolving needs, the BPO industry has to follow and offer services in line with their roadmaps. For this reason, outsourcing companies are in constant need of a highly skilled workforce. As automation is on the rise, BPO’s require professionals with a great deal of experience and deep expertise. 

To Wrap Up

Clearly, the BPO industry has a significant role to play in helping businesses of all sizes – startups, SMEs, and large corporations succeed. The technological advancements are what helped the BPO industry survive this pandemic and lead the success stories for their clients.

If you haven’t already invested in outsourcing your businesses’ non-core functions to a leading BPO company, it is time to do so now!

– Backoffice Pro

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