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Overview of Animation Business Outsourcing Worldwide

Modern technological advancements coupled with utilization of cutting edge techniques means that animation industry will be attractive not only for those associated with the entertainment sector but also those related to educational films and corporate advertising. The software and equipment that is required to generate high-quality animation is costly and requires a full dedicated staff to operate. This is the reason why many marketing departments, smaller studios and gaming companies have turned to offshore animation outsourcing services for meeting their high-end animation needs. Most notably, reduced cost and the increase in turn around time are the key benefits making the animation business outsourcing popular among its foreign clients.

Services Offered by the Offshore Animation Companies

Studios that are offering animation outsourcing work in offshore locations offer all types of animation services that include:

  • 3D Animation: Is all about bringing to life to images and characters of movies, product demos, games, television programs or websites. This process starts by using polygons to create characters and digital armatures. Various types of techniques like skeletal animation, crowd simulation, motion capture, morph target animation and cel-shaded animation are used at this stage.
  • 2D Animation: With the help of computer adaptations from traditional animation methods, 2D characters are created. The best results can be achieved by using techniques like interpolated rotoscoping, onion-skinning, tweening and morphing with specialization in Analog Computer animation, Flash and Power point.
  • Animated Storyboards: Can help in pre-visualizing a motion picture, motion graphic or electronic games through a scene by scene illustration of the plot.
  • Animatics: In case of still images that require animated sequencing, the animatics technique is put to use to help the illustrations look more attractive to the viewer.

Global Trends Present in the Animation Outsourcing Sector

Global Trends

With the animation sector all set to play a major role in the entertainment industry, it becomes obvious that more and more animation outsourcing carried out to meet the increasing demands of customers. The trend listed below need special mention:

  • The hike in broadcasting hours and the expansion of its outreach by satellite and cable TV has led to an expansion of the animation sector making it one of the fastest growing industries. The reason for this surge can be attributed to the fact that the animation industry nowadays isn’t aimed at children only but it is targeted towards adults and teenagers also. More expansion means more animation work to be outsourced. Moreover, a rise in online streaming also means that the animation films and TV shows are accessible to larger audience. This is acting as a catalyst for the increased demand of animated entertainment shows thereby meaning an equivalent expansion of the animation outsourcing sector.
  • Licensing operations for caps, T-shirts and many other items are turning out to be a potential source of revenue for the animation sector especially when such projects are being outsourced.
  • A major chunk of the animation outsourcing business is witnessing its shift towards the Asia-Pacific region. The major reason behind this shift can be attributed to the availability of low-cost but powerful computer aided animation platforms coupled with the availability of even lower labor rates. While a foreign animator can charge approximately $ 125 an hour, the same services might be offered in the offshore location at a reduced rate of $25 per hour. This means that the western companies can cut their animation costs by 80% by simply using the services of animation outsourcing. The economics of the outsourcing animation industry has made it possible to say that Asia is feeding the animation sector of the word with reports suggesting that nearly 90% of the television animation of America is being produced in Asia.

Animation Outsourcing has become widespread as many entertainment giants have used its services and in turn developed a long term relationship in the process. This results in a symbiotic relationship with both the client company as well as the outsource animation provider reaping the benefits.

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