9 Latest Graphic Design Trends to Lead the Future 11 Jul 2020

9 Latest Graphic Design Trends to Lead the Future

Graphic design in the past few years was dominated by futuristic compositions, bold colors, and gradients. In the last decade, the designs seemed unique with different styles, but slowly have started to look very common and just another piece of art. The transposition is rooted back to the overuse of some of the earlier graphic design trends. 

The present year has seen the invasion of new styles, which is going to be harmonious, reserved, abstract, and natural. Graphic design vogue made it to a new and crucial milestone. In the dawn of the new decade, it is poised to reach a new zenith, and graphic designers have started to reign the modern age. Though it might take some more time for the designers to hit the stride, however, they have begun to show the glimmers of what’s coming up.

Let us check out the top 10 graphic design trends that are defining and characterizing the new era:

  1. Cyberpunk Color Schemes

The vibrant and radiant color schemes getting popular in the current decade create surreal effects that are out worldly. The bright and glossy colors make the design look attractive and inviting despite highly calling attention of the viewers. In cyberpunk, neon plays a vital role in creating welcoming splashes against the dark background. The designs make use of the color schemes brightening up the immediate environment.

Here is an example of a radiant colored cyberpunk packaging design:

Graphic design trends 2020 example: Abstract, brightly colored cannabis packaging design
  1. Street Art Techniques

The street art or the graffiti styles usually render a retro feeling, conjuring with the punk, neon, and grungy designs of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, respectively. However, the latest trend is riper and with ethos than just an average design that gives birth to the modern and aesthetic street art techniques.

In collaboration with vandalism and innate edginess, street art serves as a move for exultation and defying the conventional graphic designs. It makes the art look like leaping out of the screen. The below art is an example of a street art style as web design for a music agency:

 Graphic design trends 2020 example: Street art style web design for a music agency
  1. Ultra-thin Geometry

Lines are the fundamentals of any graphic design, and geometric lines indicate the art as technological but curvy lines suggest natural and organic forms. Graphic designers these days blend the two like forms to bring out unbelievable shapes and art forms that look elegant and fleeting while drifting like smoke. The below design gives a feeling of smoke like lines flowing slowly, which is abstract at the same time.

Graphic design trends 2020 example: Flowing, thin-lined abstract logo design

The ultra-thin geometry is difficult to design without high-end graphic design tools and software; therefore, it is possible in the industrial branding sector. 

  1. Collages with Paper Cut-Out

Collages in the present era have undergone some amount of evolution while trying to trick the eyes to seek the cohesiveness. Graphic designers are blending of elements from illustrations and photographs with seamless photo manipulation to straddle between harmony and contrast. The art form builds an asynchronous elegance between the disparate elements.

Graphic design trends 2020 example: Book cover design with a paper cut-out style

In the above picture of a book cover, the mismatched elements like hands and variegated leaves are brought together to explain a concept. The designs are visually striking; they are best suited for editorial illustrations, book covers, posters, etc.

  1. Typography

In the digital age, every design must immediately confer with the viewers to make sense. With such demands, typography became necessary and functional. The bigger and bolder typography at present was only found in print ads, has turned out to be the latest trend now. Designers today are revolutionizing in a way that the usage of white space and bold text can be adventurous enough. Below is an example of a hand-drawn messy font for paper cup design:

Graphic design trends 2020 example: messy handdrawn font on a paper cup design

As per the revolutions in graphic design progresses, the larger-than-life trend continues to grow but with human direction. Custom typography, branded typography is gaining popularity and will become more eccentric.

  1. Dystopia

Dystopia is referred to as the fictional world, and owing to the cultural obsession, it is finding its place in every imaginable medium with cold color schemes, glitch art forms, imagery, mechanized typography excluding humans from the scene. For example, in the image below, the imagery is introduced by replacing the human face with machine generating a dystopian look:

Graphic design trends 2020 example: Book cover showing a faceless android

Often taking the shape of a “cautionary tale,” it reminds us to be alert and wary, finding the place in illustrative media, t-shirt designs, magazine covers, etc.  The dystopian styles are very effective ways to grab viewers’ attention.

  1. Animation Sequence

Although it involves high investment, animation brings a brand to life timelessly. It is increasingly gaining immense acceptance among the viewers. In the form of explanatory motion graphics, it pushes the boundaries beyond the mundane designs even in logo creation. Here is a logo animation that drags attention indeed:

Graphic design trends 2020 example: Animated logo design

The animation sequences increase the seamless transition that creates each scene out of the constituents of the present frame taking the viewers for an ever-morphing journey. The magical animation with dynamic changes creates an exquisite spell.

  1. Bevels and Chisels

Bevels and chisels pay heed to the classic struggle of conventional design, and skeuomorphism and designers have combined both the styles to bring out uniqueness. The form subtly replicates the objects from the real-life but with flat colors. The result gives a tantalizing look with a real-life feel as the below image:

Graphic design trends 2020 example: Hand-lettering with a subtle chiseled look

The style, with its 3D look-alike, is apt for designing digital scenarios like app buttons and icons that are visually appealing and aesthetic.

  1. Live Data Visualization

The designers made the availability of the complex and the live data dashboard visible where the information is presented in a way that can adapt to changes with the dynamic design attributes.  Here is an example of the animated live data visualization with bold colors used in the charts and graphs:

Graphic design trends 2020 example: Animated live data visualization

Electrifying Graphic Design Trends are Making In-roads to Design Revolution

Merging of disparate elements, the styles of the past, blending of the organic and the geometric curves, the real and the artificial are not a coincidence, its experiment – an experiment of art, color, and creatives. The decade has started with electrifying graphic design trends and has gained momentum at present and is expected to take off with high velocity in the future.

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