10 Useful Logo Design Tips for a Successful Business Branding 12 Aug 2020

10 Useful Logo Design Tips for a Successful Business Branding

A logo is an integral part of a brand’s identity, that has the power of making the brand stand out and attract customers. It must be memorable, reflecting the brand value and the nature of the business while being memorable and straightforward as well. Though logo design service is a daunting task to design a simple yet unique logo for a brand, it is a must, a carefully designed one, to represent your brand.

But what are the constituents of a good logo design?

  • It must be timeless
  • It must look unique and memorable
  • It should be dramatically impressive
  • It should encircle the brand vibe

Now, the question is, what is a brand vibe? It’s your brand’s personality; in other words, it’s the way you make the people feel about your brand, which should be consistently reflecting in the logo and content.

Let us check out the 10 useful logo design tips that can take your business branding to the next level:

  1. Using Clever Visual Double Entendre

Some of the major brands use the visual double entendre technique to create a unique logo. The style wraps typically two pictures into one with an intriguing concept. For example, the logo of Mister Cutts is a classic example 

Mister Cutts Logo

The image combines a scissor with up-side-down, the handle representing the eyes, and the sharp ends as the mustache, which signifies men’s grooming services. The smart concept makes the logo measurable, and viewers enjoy the mind game. The use of negative space also intrigues people like the FedEx logo:

Fedex Logo

The logo is identified from a distance or even it’s a small size. The idea is keeping it clean and easy.

  1. Choose Color Carefully

The color palette is one of the significant considerations, and it must be carefully selected as it has meaning and conveys ideas while resonating with the brand and its services. You may explore from the color palette, but experimenting with the monochromatic shades of the same color brings a subtle contract in the logo, for example, the Paypal logo below:

  1. Proportion, Symmetry & Shapes

Proportion, symmetry, and shapes are indispensable lessons in logo design. In the Apple logo, though the “bite” violates the entire symmetry of the apple, if probed more in-depth, the involvement of a great deal of proportion, symmetry, and shapes can be found: 


Shapes can help your logo to stand out. For example, the name of the law firm inside the box bestows a professional look, and it works wonder in the digital platforms, letterheads, merchandise, presentations, etc.:

Kensington Law Firm Logo
  1. Active vs. Passive Logo

The concept of infusing a sense of motion or an activity is on the rise, although not always appropriate, perhaps sometimes gives a visual and conceptual boost. Twitter logo is an example of this concept:

Active Passive Logos

The recent iteration in the logo points the bird in the upward direction implies that it’s flying in the air instead of flying in the same trajectory.

Twitter Active Logos
  1. Tell the Story Behind

Beyond just a simple sketch and design with color, a good logo must have a meaning, either hidden or obvious. The arrow in the FedEx logo suggests moving forward and providing delivery services, while, as discussed, Twitter bird’s flying suggests an upward trajectory.

Resonating the brand story, the core values, and mission, in the logo is a wise approach that appeals to the people and makes the brand memorable. A classic example would be as below:

BMW Logo

Bayerische Motoren Werke, commonly known as BMW, is known for its legendary automobiles, motorcycles, originally produced aircraft engines. The iconic logo, seen some thousand times, reflects the company’s heritage, and the four quadrants represent a blue sky and a white airplane propeller.

  1. Being Literal

Sometimes being a little literal in the logo make it blatantly simple and obvious, which is the reason behind Apple’s logo as an apple. Below is the example of the logo dramatically literal.

Cigar City
  1. Be Authoritative with your Logo

Non-profit or even healthcare organizations prefer a serious logo design to demonstrate their services and support. Below is an example: 

Care Logo

The logo evokes a sense of hope, care, and trust for the organization.

  1. Use Pop of Color

Color is the essential tool in the toolbox of a logo designer, which is usually known as “visual salience.” It creates an impactful logo and prevents it from being flat like the great example below:  

Amazon Logo

The logo signifies that the company delivers “a to z” and everywhere.

  1. Keeping it Sheer Simple

Simple shapes make great memorable logos like Nike, Apple, Mercedes-Benz. The idea is not only to vouch for simple shapes but to make it usable in the different digital platforms, which are the demand of the digital age. The logo below is another iconic one, which is besides being utterly simple, is a memorable one, no matter what size it is:

National Geographic
  1.  Being Unique

We talked about the brand vibe in the beginning, and while talking about being unique, conveying the brand vibe, and brand awareness becomes important. People often get lured by the trend, but remember, trends change, but you can change your logo with every new trend. While trends cannot be avoided entirely, you may keep that in mind and create an evergreen logo encompassing your brand message to make it unique in the market to create a brand identity. Here are two more legendary logos that stood the test of time, and people know who they are by their logos:

Mercedes Benz logo

Going some extra miles always with creative minds removes the feeling of boredom, turning them to inevitable brand marks.

How Can Outsourcing Logo Design Help you to Get a Distinctive Logo?

While as the business owner, you are the best judge to decide what suits your brand. However, outsourcing logo design requirements to the creative minds will help you to portray your brand story. The logo design companies, wearing their thinking cap, build unique concepts around your brand, choosing colors that resonate with your services, delivering the best logo designs that add up to your business branding initiatives. Contact us to outsource logo design requirements and get a relevant, unique, and meaningful logo and take your business branding to the next level.

– BackOffice Pro

Disclaimer:All the product names, logos, trademarks, and brand names are the property of their respective owners. All the products, services, and organization names mentioned in this page are for identification purpose only and do not imply endorsement.

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