Why Choose Professional Storyboarding? 29 Aug 2014

Why Choose Professional Storyboarding?

Storyboarding has become famous for its use in movie planning and animation development, but the truth is that this technique can be used in a wide range of other areas. For instance, it can be employed during the conceptualization and planning of a commercial, in planning a book, in curriculum development, in ad campaign creation and in dozens, perhaps hundreds, of other areas as well. The problem is that storyboarding is a professional skill, one learned through trial and error. While you can likely create a very basic storyboard on your own, there are significant advantages to working with a storyboarding professional.

1) Consistency in Look and Feel

While you might think that storyboarding is really all about informality and casual use, it’s really not. You need to maintain consistency throughout the storyboard, and from storyboard to storyboard within the same project. This allows better objectivity, connectedness and more. Professional storyboarding gives you the consistency in look and feel that you need.

2) Output Matches Your Needs

It would seem logical that creating a storyboard in house would ensure that the output matched your company’s needs, but that’s rarely the case. Short of hiring a permanent storyboarding professional to work within your organization, you’re generally stuck with subpar results that don’t really do what you need them to. With a professional storyboarding expert, you’re guaranteed that the output will match your needs without any unnecessary revisions, corrections or changes.

3) ISO Quality Standards

When you work with a storyboarding professional, you get international quality. ISO quality standards ensure the same quality is produced from project to project, giving you the means to know what you’ll get ahead of time. That’s not the case when you work with someone in house or hire an amateur to handle your storyboarding needs. ISO quality standards ensure that you have the quality necessary to plan your project, whether that’s a commercial, a movie, an animation or something else completely.

4) The Right Type of Storyboard

How many storyboard types can you think of? If you’re not a storyboarding professional yourself, chances are good you’d be hard pressed to name just one, but there are quite a few. They range from thumbnail storyboards to cartoon storyboards, animated storyboards, framed storyboards, photo storyboards and several other types as well. Working with an experienced professional ensures that you get the type that’s right for your project.

Of course, you must ensure that you’re choosing the right storyboarding professional. For businesses interested in attaining the highest quality without breaking the bank, the answer is to offshore your needs. Outsourcing to an offshore storyboarding company is simpler than ever today, thanks to digital technology and better communication platforms. In fact, it’s often faster than working with a company in your local area.

With any provider, it’s important that you see proof of their experience and past projects for clients as well. This will give you an excellent idea of what the provider is capable of producing for your own needs.

– Back Office Pro

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