Outsourcing Key Business Functions Ensures Better Cash Flow 24 Jan 2014

Outsourcing Key Business Functions Ensures Better Cash Flow

Cash flow is one of the most important things for any business to have. Sure, you might be worth a great deal on paper, but if you don’t have any liquidity, you’re locked in and stagnating. You might have a million dollars’ worth of paper value, but if you don’t have the right cash flow within your business, you’re really not worth what that paper says. Outsourcing key business functions can ensure better cash flow for any small or medium sized business. Larger companies benefit as well, but these tend to have ample cash flow already.

How Does Outsourcing Improve Cash Flow?

You might be wondering exactly how paying an outsource service provider to provide your business functions enhances your cash flow. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to hire someone in-house to do it? Wouldn’t it be more affordable to do it yourself? On the surface, it seems that way, but that’s an illusion. Here’s the thing. If you hire someone, you have to pay that person. On top of the hourly rate or annual salary, you’ll also have to pay out for workers’ compensation insurance, for taxes, for benefits and a great deal more. Hiring an employee is a significant expense, often more than it’s worth for small and medium businesses.

Doing things yourself is just as bad. Sure, you don’t have to pay yourself anything more for what you do, but you’re still losing time. How much is your time worth? What else could you be doing during that time that might actually bring in more cash to your business? By now, you should be seeing the point. Outsourcing key business functions is a far better idea than either traditional method. Now, let’s take a closer look at the situation.

What to Outsource?

The biggest question you’re going to have to answer is what you need to outsource. There are many different things you can send to an outside company. These include payroll and accounting, HR services, and office administration even. You can also outsource other needs, including IT and network support, back office solutions, communications and even order processing and payment services depending on the company in question. If there’s a business process that can be outsourced, chances are good that you’ll find a company providing that solution.

The Catch

You knew this was coming. There’s a catch. Outsourcing business functions is a wise decision, but you have to ensure that you’re partnering with the right company. Not all business process outsourcing providers are worth your time and money. Make sure you thoroughly investigate any company you’re considering. Take a look at their reputation and their customer ratings. What have past clients said about them? Would they work with them again? Are they ongoing clients, and if not, why not? How long has the company been in business? Each of these is an important question that must be answered correctly before you choose your provider.

Take your time, consider your options, investigate potential partners and then hire the company that fits your needs.

– Back Office Pro

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