Is There Life After Outsourcing? Nashville Council CEO’s Viewpoint 26 Jul 2013

Is There Life After Outsourcing? Nashville Council CEO’s Viewpoint

One of the main challenges that companies and individuals have from time to time is overdependence. Outsourcing has since become one of the best ways to cut down costs while at the same time getting work done by experience and highly qualified personnel. As a result of this there are tendencies that companies might become overly dependent on outsourcing contracts, and as a result get to lose touch with the connection that they should have with their employees. So is there really life after outsourcing, or does outsourcing mark the end for such company-employee relationships?

Liza Massey, ahead of her stepping down as CEO of Nashville Technology Council among other tech professionals discussed this at length and indeed there is life after outsourcing. Having overseen more than 400 companies under her tenure as Nashville CEO and attracting so much tech talent to the region, the company has been able to work closely with lots of outsourcing providers and the results are impeccable. In the process the company was able to rise up in the ranks to make the region among the top 10 best cities for tech job opportunities.


Traditionally referred to as “Music City” Nashville has since risen up and has witnessed an 18.5% growth rate in the past 10 years in as far as tech jobs are concerned. A lot of companies have different reasons for choosing to outsource their services. So many of them have been able to survive through the thick of times, especially in the face of financial and economic challenges from time to time

The landscape for outsourcing has been under increasing competition from high skilled employees, and most recently cloud computing. The market just keeps getting meaner by the day, with more skilled workers available, and companies having to challenge one another for their contracts.

Much as organizations increasingly opt towards external providers for a lot of services, this does not mean that the future is bleak for the average employee. The most important thing is personal development since this will lead to so many chances of growth in as far as individual competencies are concerned.

To be able to survive such, providers and executives in the world of IT have to work together from time to time so as to structure agreements that can address the changes in the industry. Maximizing on the benefits of outsourcing engagements and innovative ideas is one of the challenges that most companies still face. Much as there are opportunities for outsourcing contractors, there are several opportunities for companies too from which they can achieve their goals through the outsourced contracts.


To underline her statement on the importance of outsourcing to businesses, Massey quoted what so many people would put down in lots of words as simple as “Outsourcing was once a tourniquet to cut costs, and now it is a business imperative.”

Several business leaders who are of the same opinion or who have come to benefit from the outsourcing trend include Health Spring Inc., Belmont Software Services, and Comcast Business Services to mention but a few.

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