Improve Performance and Gain Competitive Advantage in E-Commerce 22 Nov 2013

How Data Entry Outsourcing Services Offer Competitive Advantage to E-Commerce Companies

E-commerce companies must keep their websites updated to get utmost success. For any retailer that trades on the internet, it is vital that their product information operates to the highest levels of functionality. The data that needs to be updated on such sites has to be accurate and reliable to the potential customers.

Maintaining the data in a logical and orderly structure ensures prospective customers’ search simple, view and final purchase of desired products or services. As a result, date entry services offer a huge help to retailers to maintain and update their product offerings on a regular basis. Businesses considering e-commerce product data entry can rely on the services provided by professional data entry outsourcing companies to make the task easy and improve their competitive advantage in the market. There are numerous benefits that stick to these outsourcing services. And these include:

Get Timely and Accurate Results

Businesses with a large pool of information require speed and efficiency to maintain data on their e-commerce websites. A professional outsourcing firm knows the key controls to process and maintain high-quality data. A good service provider will deliver the customized solutions according to the client’s specified turnaround time. Additionally, use of cutting-edge technology will make these services accurate and more cost-saving.

Quality Services

Product data entry service providers have robust infrastructure and proactive project management team to cater to different needs of the customers. Their highly trained data entry professionals have experience in working with a huge range of websites. By applying effective image optimization techniques, catalog conversion, building and indexing expertise along with imaging and graphics support, the outsourcing firms help ecommerce businesses maintain their highest quality standard possible.

Easy Search

The databases that control inventory levels and product descriptions are often the first port of call for customers making a purchase online. Data entry outsourcing firms work with online retailers to build highly optimized and functional databases that make searching for and viewing products easy for online shoppers. Moreover, the outsourcing firms apply the latest SEO techniques when uploading product descriptions, stock information and categories. As a result, the companies who use their services stand the best chance of ranking highly in customer searches.

Competitor Monitoring

The outsourcing firms use the latest technology to perform competitor monitoring, giving their clients the competitive edge when it comes to making more profitable decisions in an ever changing marketplace. Information is gathered from the competitor websites, e-books and e-brochures, as well as spreadsheets and PDF files and compiled into manageable and insightful data formats that can be incorporated into any business plan.

According to a recent study by Forrester Research, online sales will account for almost 9% of all retail industry sales by 2016. This will give a huge incentive for businesses with web shops to maximize the speed and accuracy with which products are entered and catalogued online. Shopping is a highly visual process and outsourcing firms have years of expertize in shaping and enhancing images to ensure maximum salability. This combined with their skills in creating user friendly order forms, product information and back-end order processing technology will guarantee that any ecommerce company outsourcing their product data entry and catalog building services will get the most out of their online business.

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