Ecommerce and Data Entry Outsourcing – A Perfect Combination 03 Jan 2014

Ecommerce and Data Entry Outsourcing – A Perfect Combination

Ecommerce has become big business today – everything seems to be available for purchase online these days. You can buy kids clothes, playground equipment, fish tanks, even industrial equipment, all from the comfort of your PC or web-enabled phone or tablet. It’s a bold new world. However, ecommerce providers face some unique challenges. The good news is that data entry outsourcing fits those ecommerce needs like a glove. Here’s a look at how data entry outsourcing is a perfect combination for ecommerce companies.

Data Is the Cornerstone of Ecommerce Sites

What would you say is the most important thing for a successful ecommerce platform? You might say it’s an encrypted checkout page. You might think that it’s the shopping cart feature. Perhaps you think it’s an easily navigated product catalog with quality photos representing each product. All of these are important, certainly, but the core of any ecommerce site is data. Your product catalog is the first place that most consumers go when they land on your site (so they can find the product they want and make a purchase, hopefully). However, if your catalog is nothing but pictures, you won’t see a conversion from visitor to customer.

You need data for each of those products. Moreover, you need that data to be well constructed and in a logical order. Date entry outsourcing providers are the key here. You can certainly put all that data in on your own time, or pay an employee to do it for you. However, that’s costly (both in time and money). Outsourcing your ecommerce data entry needs is a superior solution for a range of different reasons, including the following:

  • Expert Ecommerce Data Entry – How skilled are you at data entry in an ecommerce environment? While you’re likely very good at running your business, chances are that you have little familiarity with the intricacies involved with ecommerce data entry. That means doing it yourself is going to take a long time, and you’ll create errors while doing it.
  • Saving Money – You can pay an in-house employee to input your data for you, but that means you have to have an employee on hand. Hiring an employee costs your company more than just their hourly wage. You have benefits, taxes, insurance and other costs to consider. Outsourcing means you don’t have to pay any of that.
  • Saving Time – Whether you choose to input your data yourself or have an employee do it, chances are good it’s going to take far longer than if you allowed an expert in ecommerce data entry to do it for you. By saving time, you are able to focus on other things, like building your business and serving your customers, rather than data entry.

Ecommerce and data entry outsourcing go together like hand and glove – it’s a perfect fit for business owners hoping to fill their website with vital data for customer needs. Of course, you should always research any data entry outsource provider to ensure a good fit.

– Backoffice Pro

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