Choosing a Perfect Partner for Offshore Outsourcing 28 Feb 2019

Getting Help When You Need It Most: Offshore Outsourcing

The term “offshore” refers to any location outside of your own country. Offshore outsourcing refers to exporting IT-related tasks to politically stable international countries that present the opportunity for cash savings. Businesses are seeking to delegate specific tasks to offshore businesses may be aiming to save funds or to reduce internal overloads and shortfalls in team resources.

These types of arrangements are usually mainly aimed at saving money and reducing overheads. Aside from superior project cost management, offshore outsourcing boasts the ability to lower turnaround times. Often, call centers are the most commonly outsourced service. In this day and age, a larger number of services are being outsourced than ever before, leading to a booming global industry.

Challenges of Offshore Outsourcing

As with any remote business arrangements, there is the potential for things to go wrong or be misunderstood. Often, there can be an effect of “false economy” in that while the service providers may seem cheaper or better value, a lack of high-level management capabilities can cause delays and seriously derail otherwise promising projects. The top offshore freelancing companies are fully equipped to handle projects without these issues and take into account new technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing protocols that develop with new advancements. Other benefits include:

Always Available: The best outsourcing services have global team structures, which means they are always available, and there is always work going on. It’s an incredible way to keep productive.

Overcoming Barriers: Language, educational, cultural, and other barriers can often interrupt progress and derail projects. Top-end outsourcing partners ensure that these areas are smoothed over for you.

Brand Sensitivity: Leading outsourcing businesses understand how to respect and preserve corporate identities and adhere to best practices flawlessly. This prevents identity issues and compatibility challenges by standardizing in line with your current systems.

The Argument for Being Picky

You have to take your time and talk to a few different businesses before you choose an outsourcing partner. Go with the company you trust, the best value. Low pricing is important but should never be prioritized over quality. Also ensure that when you select a partner, to be 100% transparent in all communications and be aware of inadvertently becoming the catalyst of miscommunication-based delays and iterations. Always keep communication channels fully open.

Choosing the right Outsourcing Partners

What Could Go Wrong?

That question may have made you flinch, as it usually comes before some form of catastrophe. It’s a question as important as

global market research, because it means you can prepare for the worst, or preferably avoid it entirely by knowing the warning signs.

Support systems are going to be more and more important to you and the success of your project as time goes on and work progress. Often, cut-price service providers fail to offer support and related information. There are many fly-by-night businesses out there who cause major delays by failing to look out for their client’s best interests.

Many times, business development is outsourced with the aim of initiating new business practices and start companies off in new directions. The problem is that there is often a lack of commitment to the new paradigms resulting in either partial uptake or total failure of the system that was developed. An optimal client-partner relationship reduces cases of this occurring.

Sometimes, businesses don’t have their systems ready for projects they take on, leading to major delays while they “fire up the engines” and get their processes in check. You need to ask some pressing and specific questions to find the truth early on. If there are specific formats required, specific programs that need to be used, or other challenges you foresee, mention them. Ask for proof, references, and performance metrics.

How to Stop Things Going Wrong

Knowing how to choose the right outsourcing partner is only half the battle, as you’ll need to ask specific questions based on your requirements and use your intuition to detect warning signs in a broader sense. Here are some more basic challenges you could avoid or mitigate:

  • Finances: For major projects, try to ascertain the financial standing of your prospective outsourcing partners to avoid a scenario where they either go out of business or run into delays due to payroll issues.
  • Goals & Direction: Every business has an intended future goal and a direction in which they intend to go. Check these details out and see if you’ll be compatible five years from now.
  • Compatibility: Making sure there are as few challenges in the new relationship includes avoiding any potential cultural, technological, communication, and infrastructure.
  • Track Record: Check out the references, reviews, and any other interactions visible with existing clients. Beware of fake references and try to follow up on a couple of them.

Outsourcing Is Better in Many Ways

Committing to long-term outsourcing relationships with an ideal partner is the ideal situation all around, with major benefits to all parties involved:

  • You Pay Less: Outsourcing saves you a vast amount of money over time when compared to maintaining the team, resources, and equipment required to perform tasks internally. Outsourcing partners already have all of this in place, as well as an experienced team to carry tasks out.
  • You Get More Done: Optimal relationships with outsourcing partners lead to marked improvements in productivity and project management services. It’s possible to get more done, faster, to a higher quality than would be otherwise possible.
  • Your Team Wins: You free up internal resources and team members to work on other tasks and core competencies. It’s a quick way to reduce internal bottlenecks and address skill gaps.
  • You Lose Less: The best outsourcing partners actually reduce your risk of loss dramatically. You gain in turnaround times, cost reduction, productivity, and more.

Get More Done, Save More Money with Outsourcing

Get in touch with our team at Back Office Pro (BOP) to start the conversation about your outsourcing needs. We have years of experience built across multiple industries with a wide range of success stories and referrals. We embrace your marketing research process, your corporate style, and identity, and ensure that your tasks run 24/7, maintaining optimal productivity. We also offer to test to determine areas of potential success that you may not have detected, allowing you to boost productivity, reduce overheads, and grow your company dramatically.

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