An Analysis of the Global Animation Industry 02 May 2014

An Analysis of the Global Animation Industry

As per statistics, the global animation industry was worth whopping 222 billion USD back in 2013. Such has been the huge spurt in growth in this sector that one should not be surprised to find an even higher increase in its current estimate and value.

Global animation industry covers innumerable different aspects and areas. In today’s times, everyone is looking to use animation and modern technology to elaborate and illustrate their ideas and services. When you are looking to opt for animation service, you will have to make sure that you are choosing companies that are known to deliver services that are par excellence and are refined and polished too.

Understanding the Animation Industry

There was a time when the global animation industry was restricted to children because they were the ones who loved to watch cartoon and stuff in animated motion. However, over the years, things have diversified immensely and even top notch professional companies that target customers in the core business areas are now looking to hire animation experts.

Animation makes use of some of the smartest technology and you also need to be creatively blessed to come up with some of the best and the most engaging designs and ideas. When an animated clip is made, you not only have to brainstorm and come with the most brilliant and epic ideas, but to paint the ideas in 3D motion and animate them effectively needs a lot of technical skills as well.

Global animation industry has spread its reach far and beyond and when you go through the choices that you have, you will be amazed at the diversity. Regardless of what the topic is, you can always animate them and make the videos looks amazingly awesome.

When you go through animated videos, you are likely to be hooked to it because animation can be addicting and it keeps people glued to their seats.

The Major Animation Markets

While one can find the popularity of animation industry spanning almost all the nations, the following countries have the biggest market for this industry at the moment.

  • United States
  • Japan
  • China
  • France
  • Britain
  • Germany
  • Canada

While the demand for global animation industry is huge, the cost of animation is a big factor. Most of the animation agencies charge insane amount of money even for small clips because the software used for animation can be really costly and the skills needed along with the effort that is invested is whopping too.

This is why you can find animation companies working as outsourcing agents too. Some of the top companies choose to outsource their jobs to leading global animation industry that is willing to do the work at reduced rates.

Outsourcing is extremely common in the field of animation for the simple reason that animation isn’t a job meant for one and all. It requires professional skill of the highest order and if you want to have an animated clip, you will have to fall back on true professionals who can carry out the job. You are going to have plenty of choices to pick from. So, make sure to weigh the choices thoroughly before finalizing the right one.

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