Transcription Testimonials

Biking Magazine, U.K

I had nice time working with Bernard and his team at Back Office Pro even though it was just about two days’ time I spent. The people are exceptionally well, polite and co-operative to complete the assignment and address all our process related queries in the quickest time. One thing that really liked about them is reasonable priced quality work, which desperately inspires me to recommend their proficient transcription services to all of my colleagues and few companies I know.

Creative Director,
New York

I handle documentary-based video/film projects for different customers’ segments working under tight deadlines. A detailed and précised transcription of interviews that I take is what really is important to me to the successful completion of the projects. It would’ve been prohibitive had I worked with other vendors based at New York. I contacted Mr. Bernard Leon- the Sales Manager at Back Office Pro recently seeking his services to initiate a film initiative for one of the major NGOs in the US. The transcription was complex as majority of interviewees were non-native English speakers. Bernard and his team were always cheerful, helpful and accessible via phone, Skype and e-mail as and when we wanted and produced video based transcripts for a fraction of the typical cost, which was really amazing. We had good time working with them and the work wouldn’t have completed without their involvement.

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Student, Australia

The quality of the transcripts I received was awesome and the timeliness of the work was really great. I feel happy to share with you that I recommended your brand to fellow researchers who were looking for quality service provider.

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Law Student
Melbourne, Australia

I am the law student and have been using legal transcription services from Back Office Pro since 2010 regularly on a weekly basis. I am so happy about their quality work, which they submitted on-time and in the most convenient output format. Their services are truly expedient helping me to complete all academic commitments with ease. The team at Back Office Pro is committed and customer-friendly to serve transcription needs better.

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Dr. Alan Lim
Independent Doctor

We are extremely satisfied with the quality of dictation services that were submitted well before the deadlines. Mr. Bernard, the sales manager at Back Office Pro was always available to reply us promptly. We feel happy to recommend your brand to my clients and colleagues and look forward to work with you in future.

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Director of Operations, Education Consulting Company in Rhode Island

The approach of Mr. Bernard (Sales Manager) is appreciable, who always kept us informed about the progress of the work that was completed quickly and the work quality was exceptionally good. Our president was impressed with the return on investment (ROI) from the last round of transcription. We continue to be partnered with you as we have 10 to 20 hours a month for transcription.

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Accounting Company based in the US

Honestly, I am very glad with the price, quality and turnaround time of the work completed by Back Office Pro. The audio transcription solutions provided by them helped me to save over one month full time labor and relative expenses that was unanticipated. Finally, I had nothing to revise and edit the end product. Thanks for superb work.

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Online Community site for women

Thanks so much for your assistance with the service for translating my podcasts flawlessly that allows me to run an online community for business women part time alongside a full time business. Your quick and accurate response helped me to save time and money.

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Digital Media Company in the US

I want to thank you for your great and efficient audio transcription services and we are tremendously impressed with the quality of your work. We should appreciate you for having worked with us so supportively on non-profit project requiring a research on homelessness and alternative housing. The way you supported us was really amazing and the logistics used for sending and receiving files were simple and easy to use. Thank you Back office Pro, it was a great service.

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Public Information Company in the US

We were pleased to work Back Office Pro that is only the highly potential transcription vendor in the US to provide great quality transcription services at affordable prices, which is half the price of other vendors. We found the company to be highly competent and flexible to gage what we needed and they were able to give us a solution that meets all our requirements. We recommend their services to the people in search of quality transcription vendor.

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Secretarial Services Company in the UK

It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you very much for your professionalism, attention to detail and timely results that helped us to serve our customers better here in the UK. Since we offer word processing/audio transcription services to the most challenging market, we need your services for transcription as long as we are in the business. Let’s grow with you.

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Leading University in the US

My experience with Back Office Pro has been very wonderful and would recommend their services to others requiring transcription services. Thank you for your great services and I look forward to continuing this fruitful working relationship in future.

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English Instructor,
College in Los Angeles, California

I would like to thank Mr. Bernard and his team for the excellent work on the transcription services delivered in a timely manner, and we were very impressed with the support, commitment and professionalism of the entire staff. Over the last few months, I’ve uploaded countless hours of audio files to be transcribed, and the end result has been better than I could have done myself. We look forward to building a strong partnership relationship with Back Office Pro.