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At BackOffice Pro (BOP) we offer proven surveillance recording transcription services for handling sensitive material, with the necessary security measures in place. As a trusted surveillance recording transcription service provider, we provide back office support for secure transcription of your high-critical surveillance data.

We understand that surveillance recordings require specific attention to detail, particularly regarding confidentiality and security. We take care of everything, from secure servers observation and proprietary management software to the store/deletion/record/documentation of records within a specified period.

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Surveillance Recording Transcription Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

As a top surveillance recording transcription company, we make sure that all of our team members are equipped with a range of remarkable skill sets including:

  • 4-year university degree with a focus on languages, communication, humanities, or similar.
  • Specialized transcription certifications along with a minimum of 2 years of transcription experience.
  • Experience with the security industry, particularly with regards to audio and video surveillance.
  • Thorough knowledge of the specialized transcription software and industry standard transcription systems.
  • Advanced knowledge of standard spelling as well as phonetic abbreviations, text condensing strategies, and the skills required to develop meaning-for-meaning translations.
  • Highly capable of understanding and providing accurate transcriptions of the language and vocabulary used within each recording.
  • Typing speed of at least 70 words per minute along with a high accuracy rating of 98% or more.
  • Advanced working knowledge of the full suite of Microsoft Office applications including Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Surveillance Recording Transcription Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro’s team of expert transcriptionists offer the following recording transcription services:

  • Audio Surveillance Transcription

    Our transcribers take audio surveillance recordings, in many forms, and convert them into accurate transcriptions to be used in a variety of applications for courthouses, police, private investigators, insurance companies, and similar institutions.

  • Video Surveillance Transcription

    In many cases, the quality of video surveillance recordings can be questionable. We are confident that our expert transcriptionists can work with a variety of video formats, creating detailed transcripts that capture every action, every sound, and every spoken word.

  • Audio Note Transcription

    Our teams can address the daily audio notes that can otherwise pile up in any security business. The resulting transcripts can be used for easy referencing purposes, to find important surveillance information in a pinch. Our transcriptionists are attuned to the specialized vocabulary of the surveillance industry. They are also able to accurately capture the details in audio files that contain the fast or rambling speech used to take quick memos.

Benefits of Availing
Our Surveillance Recording Transcription Services

The benefits associated with our surveillance recording transcription services include the following:

  • Authentic Transcript Content - When required, we issue a Certificate of Authenticity at no extra cost. This can be presented in court and serves as verification that the content is of the highest possible quality.
  • Upholding Verbatim Standards - Surveillance recording transcriptions are required to uphold the highest verbatim standards. As such, we strive to ensure that every word contained in the final text is as close to 100% accurate as possible.
  • Customized Transcription Packages - We understand that clients requiring surveillance recording transcriptions will have a multitude of reasons for doing so. As such, each company requires different procedures to be followed and different approaches to the content. We tailor-make packages to suit each client’s specific needs and budget.
  • Guaranteed Confidentiality - Because surveillance footage and recordings contain such highly confidential information, we make sure that all of our transcriptionists sign NDA.
  • Highly Skilled Workforce - All of our transcribers are highly educated, well-trained, and backed with the kind of expertise that guarantees amazing quality and efficient turnaround times.


Premier Surveillance Recording Transcription Services with BOP

At BackOffice Pro, you can rest assured that your surveillance recording transcription project will receive the utmost attention to detail. Contact us today, and one of our dedicated business development managers will offer insights on how our services can lighten your workload.