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Translation of verbal dictation is an incredibly useful business tool that enables content to be produced more efficiently. Consider this: for a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), generating a consistent stream of useful; insightful content is as demanding as a full-time job. When running a business, this type of obligation can be a pressure-filled demand that can quickly transform into a downward spiral that you’re unable to keep pace with.

The Content Marketing Institute shares that content marketing leaders have 7.8 times more traffic on their website than those who don’t prioritize content. Content is closely tied to transcription because of all the information that accumulates at business through conferences, meetings, discussions, or speeches, all of which often goes unused.

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Transcription Makes the Content Easier to Consume

Converting speech to blog posts, online articles, legal or medical documentation, educational materials, website content, journalistic interviews, and more, calls for a swift, simplified way to transcribe while still maintaining content quality.

SME’s need reliable ways to put all of that interesting information to use and transcription is a resource that makes it easier, faster, and more accurate to generate organized textual or digital information from various verbal and audio sources.

BackOffice Pro (BOP) provides offshore transcription solutions that include human transcriptionists and automated software tools to produce higher quality, more accurate transcriptions than solely relying on human transcription alone. BOP operates at a high volume, low margin model, with emphasis on tailored transcription services for SME’s.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage and Boosting Engagement

Transcription helps SME’s compete. A significant amount of information is absorbed through your website, and customers want options in how they choose to engage with digital content, whether it’s through video, audio, or textual information. When customized for specific purposes, transcriptions can also provide SME’s with other distinctive advantages:

  • It’s a critical marketing module, especially because of large research volumes and recorded material that requires absolute precision when transcribing. 
  • It augments SEO strategies and helps SME’s obtain higher search ratings for improved visibility.
  • It ensures that content appeals to the deaf or hearing impaired.
  • It helps students, medical personnel, legal assistants, insurance providers, law enforcement, and other professionals have access to important information for review, publication, information referral, and other purposes.
  • As an archival property, it’s an indispensable support and indexing feature.
  • It enables businesses to add links to text for a richer way to navigate website content, blogs, or as cross-promotional material.
  • It’s useful for quickly scanning or referring back to information, rather than searching through a video or audio file for key points.

Successful Transcription Solutions

Both text and speech are using multimedia formats, and transcription provides a usable, repeatable, alternative function for sound files. Healthcare, broadcasters, judicial systems, marketing companies, and educational institutes are adopting transcription solutions to relieve time pressures and monetary strains that are associated with in-house or self-service style transcription.

For example, journalists, bloggers, and those in the broadcasting industry have been relying on transcription for decades. Accurately converting interviews and ensuring that information is completely accurate saves them time and ensures that they don’t run the risk of libel lawsuits, or other hassles related to misquoting interview subjects.

Similarly, marketers rely on transcription to produce content for social media, SEO, and advertising. It’s a strategy that enables them to accommodate customers who are hearing impaired, those who speak different languages, or those who can’t use audio due to environmental noises.

Requirements for Professional Transcription

Requirements for Professional Transcription

  • Voice-to-text tools convert audio and human dictation into text on the page and use software to handle the conversion. It’s a dependable approach to transcription that requires complex software and relies on a slower speech pattern to achieve the best level of precision.
  • Voice recognition software to translate live or pre-recorded speech. A Stanford study discovered that speech recognition software is three times faster than typing, making it more productive than attempting to convert speech via typing manually. However, AI can’t transcribe speech on its own with total, 100% accuracy.
  • Which leads to our next point: professional human transcribers are extremely valuable and necessary to the transcription process. Aside from adding personalized, creative touches, such as subtitles, captions, etc., they possess fast typing skills, and a high accuracy rate to enhance automated transcription methods.


Customizable Transcription Services for SME’s

BackOffice Pro has provided tailored transcription services for SME’s in myriad industries and sectors for over a decade.

With a service range spanning video, audio, and digital transcriptions, BOP has helped SME’s reach their audiences through diversified content and provides multiple advantages with rapid turnaround times, multilingual service options, and guaranteed accuracy.