Outsource Real-Time Transcription Services

Part of our business services are real-time transcriptions of audio or video. We're more than happy to make accommodations in order to transcribe your live broadcasts of business meetings. Not only will we deliver your transcription within a rapid timeframe, but we'll also ensure its accuracy, customize it to your exact specifications, and provide cost-effective services.

Real-Time Transcription Services Offered by Back Office Pro

Our real-time transcription services make it possible to record your live business meetings whether they're broadcast over the internet or via a teleconference. Our real-time transcription services include:

  • Start-Up Meetings: If you're about to get up and running with a new business, we can transcribe your live start-up meeting. We'll record your business plan, details about finances, licensing facts, marketing strategies, and plans for product lines.
  • Quarterly Conference Calls: Your quarterly conference calls contain time sensitive information regarding status updates, budget details, and newsworthy announcements. We can deliver a final transcript with rapid speed so you can distribute it to your business associates.
  • Personnel Meetings: Our real-time transcription services also cover topics from personnel meetings such as live interviews, administrative hearings, staffing reviews, and budget cuts.
  • Shareholder Meetings: Where does you company stand in comparison to the competition? Is your growth necessitating an expansion? Are you ready to release your annual report? We can include all of these details on a final transcription from your shareholder meeting.
  • Brainstorming Sessions: Sometimes a business holds brainstorming sessions for marketing purposes. Rather than creating a word-for-word transcription of these real-time meetings, we can also create summarized content upon your specific request.
  • Pitch Meetings: A pitch meeting is serious business. Your preparation and creativity will determine whether or not you land an account. We offer our services to clientele both before and during their pitch meetings. We can help them prepare their presentation beforehand and also give assistance during the live pitch itself.
  • Damage Control: In a perfect world, damage control would never be necessary. Unfortunately, businesses can sometimes be caught in a tailspin. If the media gets a whiff of something that's gone awry, they pounce and you're suddenly caught in their crossfire. A real-time damage control meeting can be used to script a response to news outlets and verify the facts.

Benefits of Availing
Our Real-Time Transcription Services

Our guarantee at Back Office Pro is client satisfaction, quality outsource real-time transcription, accuracy, and fair turnaround times.

  • Verbatim: Our transcription services are always guaranteed to be verbatim.
  • Customized Formatting: Upon request, your real-time transcription can be customized to your business's exact needs.
  • Time Stamping: As part of our customizable services, every client has the option of requesting time stamping for their transcription.
  • Confidentiality: We guarantee that your documents and recordings will be safeguarded and encrypted. We're always committed to your privacy and personal rights.
  • Highly Trained Transcription Specialists: You can rest assured in knowing that your real-time transcription will be handled by an absolute professional. Our staff of specialists has years of experience and they receive updated trainings with the latest technology as it becomes available.


If you're ready to begin a rewarding experience by getting started with your own outsource real-time transcription, contact us at Back Office Pro today.