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BackOffice Pro (BOP) boasts of being one of the most prominent companies in India to outsource real-time transcription process. With a flexible full-time equivalent (FTE) engagement model, we happily accommodate the real-time transcription of the live meetings. Adhering to the ISO standards, we deliver your transcription within a rapid timeframe and ensure accuracy with multi-layered quality checks.

Serving as the back-office support for the global organizations for a decade now, we transcribe the corporate meeting discussions, judicial reports, television broadcasts, press conferences, sales meetings, and virtual meetings. Outsource real-time transcription to us to use the transcriptions immediately for conferences and presentations.

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Real-Time Transcription Skills Sets at BackOffice Pro

Being one of the top companies providing real-time transcription services in India, BOP has a team with extensive knowledge, skills, and high typing speed per minute. Here is the list of skill sets our team possess:

  • Certified transcriptionists and stenographers with command over the language
  • Possess a breakneck typing speed of at least 200-300 words in a minute with accuracy in typing the correct words
  • Outstanding listening skills and the ability to clearly understands and interpret the words in the right context
  • Sound knowledge of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and exceptional skills to create the ideal documents
  • Ability to transcribe multi-speaker with unique accents
  • Working knowledge of transcription software
  • Thorough understanding and ability to parse industry and business-specific terminologies

Real-Time Transcription Services at BOP

BOP’s real-time transcription services make it possible to record your live business meetings whether they're broadcast over the internet or via a teleconference. As one of the imminent companies offering real-time transcription services in India, we have a wide array of real-time transcription services, including the following:

  • Webinars and Podcast Transcription If you plan to deliver a webinar or host a podcast, hire BOP to assist you with real-time transcription to capture every detail with the highest precision.
  • Board Meeting Transcription If you have board meetings on the schedules, outsource real-time transcription to the BOP to record your business plan, details about finances, licensing facts, marketing strategies, techniques for product lines, and more.
  • Conference Calls Transcription Quarterly conference calls often contain time-sensitive information regarding status updates, budget details, and newsworthy announcements. With BOP transcriptionists, get the final transcript with rapid speed so you can distribute it to your business associates.
  • Pitch Meetings Transcription A pitch meeting is a serious business, as your preparation and creativity will determine whether or not you land an account. Outsource real-time transcription to get both before the meeting to help in the meeting preparation and during their pitch meetings.
  • Personnel Meetings Transcription Outsource real-time transcription requirements to cover topics from personnel meetings such as live interviews, administrative hearings, staffing reviews, business meetings, and budget cuts.
  • Shareholder Meetings Transcription When attending a meeting with the shareholders, you demonstrate the stats showing the growth in the company and the competition, and the annual report. Get a precise transcription with all these details from the shareholder meeting.
  • Damage Control Transcription Outsource real-time transcription to us if your business is caught in a tailspin. Our real-time transcription helps prepare for the damage control meeting with the media with scripts to respond to news outlets and verify the facts.

Benefits of Outsourcing Real-Time Transcription to BOP

BackOffice Pro, being one of the most pronounced companies providing real-time transcription services in India, has been catering to various transcription needs of the global clients in faster turnaround time along with the benefits mentioned below when you outsource real-time transcription requirements to us:

  • Get accurate real-time transcription for webinars, conferences, training, speeches, and so on
  • Enable your viewers to search the live and archived content with the specific keywords incorporated in the transcribed documents
  • Transform poor audio quality, loud ambient noise, thick accents, rapid speech, and slurring to superior ones
  • Differentiate multi-speakers and keep a record of the dialogues and speeches by all the speakers


Get Real-Time Transcription for your Meetings for Immediate Reference

Real-time transcription of business meetings, seminars must be error-free so that they can be referred immediately. BackOffice Pro offers the best real-time transcription process leveraging the latest technologies blended with manual interference. The BOP team comprises highly skilled and experienced transcriptionists providing real-time transcription for business transcription, medical transcription, legal transcription, video/audio transcription, etc. Contact us today to know more about how to outsource real-time transcription to BOP and discuss your requirements.