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At BackOffice Pro (BOP), we understand every client’s need to outsource property transcription services to expert professionals. With over a decade of experience in outsourcing services within the real estate industry and a wide range of resources at our disposal, we can provide the very best in property transcription services. As an outsourcing companion, we deliver flawless results while simultaneously reducing capital investments, monthly expenses, and overheads.

Our broad range of property transcription services is tailor-made to suit all real estate transcription requirements of estate agents, surveyors, land agents, quantity surveyors, property management companies, relocation agencies, and many more. Reach out to our team using the contact form on our website to get your project up and running today.

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Propery Transcription Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

Over the last decade, BackOffice Pro has been providing high-quality transcription Services and increasing the productivity in the real estate and property industry. Utilizing years of experience and strong skill sets we can deliver the very best.

  • Transcriptionists with typing speeds of 70 WPM or more and can produce more than 100 pages within 8 hours.
  • Experience in transcription of insurance reports, transactions of real estate, construction site recordings, on-site inspections, survey reports, property condition reports, residential valuation reports, etc.
  • At least 4-year university degree and working experience in the property management field.
  • Compulsorily have the first language proficiency in the target transcription language.
  • Capable of understanding legal and property possession documents and able to transcribe with appropriate terminologies.

Propery Transcription Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

By outsourcing property transcription services with us, you can benefit from our years of in-depth experience. Our services include:

  • Schedule of Dilapidations Our transcribers help landlords or tenants interpret the lease or other property agreement documents to prepare the schedule of dilapidations on behalf of them. We ensure that the document is easily understood with all the terms and conditions intact make sure that the property is being maintained accordingly and brings the problems to the forefront if any.
  • Building Survey Reports Our team can provide building survey reports, which is one of the most thorough end-user surveys used in the property sector and it will provide a comprehensive breakdown of both the condition and structure of the property, advice on repairs and maintenance, projected timings and costings, etc.
  • Expert Witness Reports Adhering to the strict formats and templates for we utilize surveyor’s expertise and knowledge to provide witness reports that can be easily understood. We ensure that the transcribed property documents are so accurate that they can be referenced in case of legal issues related to the property.
  • Health and Safety Policies We assign your work to transcribers, typists, and linguists who have extensive industry experience to make sure the policy documents relating to the integration and usage of large supply chains, legal departments, and regulatory bodies are all sync with the government guidelines.
  • Transcription Enhancements To ensure your reports and surveys are accessible to all, including people with visual and hearing impairments we produce documents in Braille, Moon, Large Print, as well as visual aids such as subtitles and signage.
  • Homebuyer Reports We work on your HomeBuyer Reports using a variety of different formats, including the use of Survey Text, accessing Quest online, using RICS ProForms or also isurvy WorkSmart to provide an accurate report.

Benefits of Availing
Our Propery Transcription Services

By outsourcing property transcription services with us, there are numerous benefits for any property company or individual. Our team specialize in making life easier and simpler for you and below are just a few examples of how we do that:

  • Highly Specialized Typists: We have typists with specialized skillsets with clear knowledge in general, technical, and legal reports related to property matters.
  • Efficient Turnaround Times: We provide fast turnaround times to ensure our client’s business rolls smoothly.
  • Promised Confidentiality: We give confidentiality and information privacy the utmost priority. That is why we take in-depth steps towards protecting your files with 256-bit encryption during the upload process.
  • Familiar Team Allocation: If you use us regularly, we will always try to assign the same group of typists to your job, as this creates consistency and builds long-term trust.


Quality Property Transcription Services Through BackOffice Pro

At BackOffice Pro we are all about quality management and client satisfaction, we build lasting partnerships through consistent delivery of the highest quality outputs. We strive to complete every project within the needed time frame or before. By harnessing our years of in-depth experience and an entirely transparent project environment, we guarantee continued success for all of our clients in the property industry.

Our team is always available to offer support, guidance, and insights. Feel free to contact us using the form on our website for full access to your future success.