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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is an offshore support team offering quality market research transcription services at a competitive price. Outsourcing market research transcription requirements to BOP has numerous benefits including a dedicated team of experienced transcriptionists working on your project full-time or on an ad-hoc basis. Our outsourcing and support services assist in equipping decision makers with the key information they need, developing accurate transcripts from survey campaigns, customer analysis sessions, competitor analysis sessions, one-to-one interviews, advertising research findings, and more.

Over several decades, we have provided unparalleled transcription in research related fields for companies in a wide variety of different industries, including advertising, marketing, financial, retail, automotive, technology, healthcare, and more. With a high degree of understanding and professionalism, you can rely on BOP’s unparallel service and engagement model. Reach out to us via one of the convenient channels on our website, and we’ll give you a call to discuss your project requirements in detail.

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Market Research Transcription Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

As leaders in the provision of qualitative research transcription services, we only employ team members who are equipped with the following highly sought-after skill sets:

  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree (or 4-year equivalent) in marketing, languages, advertising, or similar.
  • At least three years experience working in a marketing-related field.
  • Recognized certification in professional transcription.
  • Strong capabilities in the target language and the ability to proofread and edit their own work.
  • Expert typing speed of 70 WPM or more, along with a 98% accuracy rating.
  • Experience working with industry standard timestamping and speaker identification formats.
  • Highly capable of providing custom transcription solutions which involve speech to text (STT) and speech recognition (SR) solutions.

Market Research Transcription Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

At BackOffice Pro, we’ve spent years fine-tuning our service offerings. As a result, our market research transcription services include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Market Survey Research Recording Transcriptions BackOffice Pro’s expert transcribers convert the valuable information recorded during telephonic and one-to-one survey sessions into written content that can be utilized in product development and marketing campaigns.
  • Customer Analysis Transcriptions Our talented transcriptionists create detailed documents that cover all the necessary information provided during customer analysis sessions to better equip marketing teams in tailoring their content to the right audience.
  • Competitor Analysis Transcriptions We understand that accurate competitor analysis documentation is the be all and end all of any campaign. We make sure to cover all the pertinent information recorded in these sessions, developing transcripts that are easy to read and reference.
  • Advertising Research Findings Transcriptions BackOffice Pro’s team of transcribers converts advertising research into carefully detailed texts that can be used to further analyze your target market and build improved marketing strategies.
  • Product Research Audio Transcriptions We know that detailed research reports are of the utmost importance when launching a new product. As such, our product research transcriptions cover all the necessary information, eliminating the additional filler content you just don’t need.

Benefits of Availing
Our Market Research Transcription Services

As a top outsourcing provider, we’ve fine-tuned our approach to ensure that the benefits of working with us are well above those offered by our competitors.

  • Enhanced Accuracy - We have QC systems in place that guarantee near perfect accuracy, no matter the length or quality of your audio.
  • Increased Efficiency - Outsourcing your overflow market research transcription tasks to our team ensures that you don’t have to worry about missing your looming deadlines.
  • Flexible Transcription Processes - We are capable of transcribing from varied analog and digital formats - quality guaranteed.
  • Highly Knowledgeable Transcribers - Our expert team members display in-depth knowledge and experience centered around market research.
  • Transcriptions Catered to Your Needs - We have made provisions for FTP, email system, or browser-based transcription of files, depending on your precise needs.
  • Reduce Overhead Costs - Partnering with BOP ensures that you keep your overheads low as there is no need to hire and train additional in-house transcriptionists.


BackOffice Pro’s Stellar Outsourced Market Research Transcription Services

Because so many of your business-critical decisions are based on market research, it is absolutely vital that you have accurate and reliable records of this data. Trust BOP to provide you with the market research transcription services you need to stay on track.

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