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Outsource Transcription Services

Transcription services allow your company to expedite the transcription of a wide range of audio and video content, whether you are a law firm with hundreds of hours of testimony and deposition to review or an insurance company with claim data to process. Outsource transcription services to Back Office Pro today and learn why we are a trusted member of the global community in providing accurate, high quality transcriptions that our clients can rely on.

Transcription Services Offered by Back Office Pro

We offer a full range of transcription services for businesses of all sizes and types. These services include:

Benefits of Availing
Our Transcription Services

  • You eliminate the need to recruit and train additional and specialized staff.
  • You avoid major investments in transcription related expensive equipment
  • You get lower overheads, reduced payroll and benefits expenses
  • You get low error rates due to the availability of professional Transcriptionists with rich experience in the field
  • Your production and clientele increase
  • You save a great deal of time allowing you to focus on core business
  • You are assured of superior practices that follow ISO standards, skills, and technology.
  • The saved time and resources can be channeled into new revenue and investment areas,
  • Your office space is freed up
  • You can avail of 24 x7 customer care support and rapid response time
  • You are assured of data security and privacy for all projects
  • You can avail of customized services for templates and formats


If you would like to know more about Back Office Pro’s technical translation services, complete the contact form on our website, and one of our business development managers will be in touch within one business day to take you through our customized offerings in detail.