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BackOffice Pro (BOP) offers animation transcription back office support to internal creative teams across the globes. If you are a provider of animation transcription services to film houses, agencies or networks, we can assist.

When you opt for transcription animation outsourcing to BOP, our qualified transcribers help you transcribe various animations including subtitles, captions, storyboards and more. With BOP, you can hire our resources and accurately transcribe animations into 60 different languages at the most affordable costs.

Contact BOP for cost-effective, high-quality animation transcription back office support.

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Animation Transcription Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

Our skilled transcribers help internal teams in transcribing animations for an international audience. At BOP, you can hire resources with the following skill sets:

  • Qualified Transcribers: Qualified transcribers, in-country translators, linguists (with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts)
  • Native language speakers of Finnish, Chinese, European languages, Danish, Finnish, Japanese, Arabic, African languages, Vietnamese and more
  • Proven experience in animation transcription including film, animation or VFX
  • Possess superior interpersonal and communication skills
  • Able to work on and keep track of multiple projects
  • Intermediate skills in 3DS Max, Maya, After Effects and more
  • Knowledge of animation creation for social media platforms, videos, TVC’s and digital OOH, videos, web experiences and more
  • Efficiency and attention to detail
  • A decent understanding of the local culture
  • Impeccable attention to detail and ability to follow instructions closely
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language, with particular emphasis on spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Acute care to detail and active listening and concentration skills
  • Ability to work within deadlines with excellent time management skills
  • Typing speed minimum of 75 wpm
  • Excellent English vocabulary and grammar skills
  • Exceptional hearing and comprehension

Animation Transcription Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

At BOP, we have multiple quality process checks to ensure ISO standards. Our animation transcription services include:

  • Short Films We transcribe captions, subtitles and more, for mini-films (preceded by animated short films that precede full-length feature films).
  • Full-length Films We work with full-length feature films and create traditional transcriptions in virtually any language of your choice.
  • Advertisements We assist you in transcribing animations for marketing firms - we help you create skits, comedic sketches, and final drafts of animation dialogues.
  • Cartoons We assist with fast and accurate animation transcription for televised cartoons.

Benefits of Availing
Our AnimationTranscription Services

At BOP, we offer budget-friendly pricing, quality, accuracy, quick turnaround times. The benefits of working with BOP include:

  • Impact Viewers At BackOffice Pro, our transcription services are guaranteed to be verbatim. We ensure your animation is transcribed word-for-word.
  • Reach Multicultural Audiences At BOP, our transcribers are well-versed with local customs and cultural nuances and ensure every transcribed document suits the cultural, technical and linguistic needs of each target market.
  • Global Audience Our transcribed content is created with the intention to impact local people of the target country.
  • Accurate Transcription We review diction, word usage and other details of the target language before starting the translation process. The original terminology used in the source language is translated into the target language.
  • Customized Formatting Upon request, your animation transcription can be customized in any way you see fit.
  • Time Stamping Option As part of our customizable services, every client has the option to request time stamping for their transcriptions.
  • Confidentiality and Security We safeguard your transcriptions and are committed to preserving confidentiality rights.


Engaging Animations that Speak in Any Language

Hire our resources, if you require transcription and translation for animations, and are looking to partner with an animation transcription company in India. Contact BackOffice Pro and speak to a global audience.