Outsource Market Research Survey Analysis Service

As the amount of data collected through market research surveys is mostly vast and unstructured, Back Office Pro (BOP) assists research firms with skilled analysts to keep up the project pace. With its Market Research Survey Analysis services, BOP offers back-office support to research agencies looking for lightening their workload, improving their rate of delivery, and extending their reach.

BOP helps research companies with experienced market research survey analysts who work in line with their requirements of target audience determination, questionnaire preparation, data collection, analysis, and more. With full-time as well as ad-hoc support, we ensure our clients be able to transform collected data into actionable insights at a competitive cost.

BOP’s Market Research Analysis Skillsets

The market research analysts at BOP helps in asking pressing questions, observe trends, discover opportunities, and make confident data-guided decisions by making use of the following rich skillsets:

  • A Clear understanding of Social Science, Experimental Psychology, Information Science, Marketing, Cognitive behavior, and other related fields.
  • Vast experience in planning, scoping, conducting, and analyzing, survey research results across several industries and markets.
  • Well versed in qualitative research, with significant experience conducting interviews both in person and remotely, moderating group conversations, running live prototype sessions, administering surveys.
  • Experience in using the most popular online survey platforms (Confirmit, Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, SurveyGizmo, FluidSurveys, etc.)
  • Accustomed to using industry standard BI software and are proficient in the use of analytical tools like SQL, Excel, Qualtrics, Decipher and other similar data manipulation tools.
  • Each of our researchers has more than five years of experience in applied design research working in challenging, continuously evolving, consumer-facing product industries.
  • Experienced in design and executing in-house surveys, including Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer satisfaction, price sensitivity surveys, and other qualitative research projects.
  • Knowledge of research principles,
  • Computer-assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI) We develop questionnaires containing images, audio, and video clips. Our teams ensure that the flow of each questionnaire is customized based on the answers provided by the participant. We ensure that throughout each step of survey development, a high focus on quality and ethics issues is always present.
  • Survey Data Management On outsourcing market research requirements to BOP, our analysts assist research firms with the laborious task of managing response data, including result collection, data cleaning, statistical mapping, scoring, and final interpretation, etc.
  • Quantitative Survey Analysis BOP offers several survey analysis options of various complexities. This includes automated reporting with question-response frequencies and bar charts, statistical significance testing, executive summaries, and interactive presentations, etc.
  • Statistical Analysis We offer a fully comprehensive range of statistical methods which includes the following: correlation between survey and internal business data, cluster analysis, choice modeling, experimental design, factor analysis, multiple regression analysis, perceptual mapping, and segmentation analysis.

Market Research Survey Analysis Services We Offer

  • Sentiment Analysis Using quantitative and qualitative data, we map the emotional attitude of consumers based on their views about a topic, product, or brand. We take into consideration potential issues including non-response bias and socially-desirable responses.
  • Survey Result Presentations Our analysts summarize their market research findings in interactive reports and dashboards, allowing for easy data visualization and understanding.
  • Survey Databases When needed, we create databases that clients can use to advance their marketing strategies further, follow-up with additional surveys or customer service, or improve their reach and brand visibility.

Benefits of BOP Market Research Survey Analysis Service

There are numerous benefits to our market research survey analysis services. In addition to our remarkable attention to detail, thorough step-wise approach, and commitment to strict deadlines, outsourcing these services to BOP offers the following additional benefits:

  • Unbiased survey analysis which allows for a high degree of interpretation. With no prior exposure to the survey topic, our analysts ensure a higher level of accuracy.
  • Our team has access to a vast array of tools and infrastructure. Our clients benefit from the latest technology and techniques in data analysis without the additional costs of managing these systems themselves.
  • Outsourcing the time-consuming task of analyzing survey results cuts the cost of employing additional in-house teams when there is a sudden influx of new surveys.
  • The data cleansing process, particularly in the case of longer surveys, can be lengthy. Outsourcing this process to one of our teams helps speed things up a bit.
  • By outsourcing to an experienced market research survey analysis team, agencies can take on more extensive surveys, with thousands of respondents.
  • We maintain an open channel of communication with our clients. This is necessary at all stages, but crucial regarding data analysis.
  • By outsourcing to BOP, our clients significantly lower the investment required to achieve quality results.
  • We offer pay-per-hour packages with FTEs or dedicated teams on a long-term basis.
  • By enabling clients to tackle larger projects in shorter time, BOP helps market research agencies to gain a highly sought-after competitive edge.


Our expert analysts are ready to tackle projects of any size. Contact us today to find out how Back Office Pro can assist you with market research survey analysis services and one of our project managers will get back to you with an initial quotation in one business day.